Blackwall tunnel closed – heavy traffic in Greenwich

There are long queues across Greenwich and on the A2 after a vehicle breakdown closed the Blackwall Tunnel this lunchtime (Sat 12th).

Combined the closure with cars heading to Charlton retail parks on a Saturday before Christmas, and traffic levels are extremely high.


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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

7 thoughts on “Blackwall tunnel closed – heavy traffic in Greenwich

  • I left my house early to get to tunnel Avenue to park, and I was just sitting at imax cinema Road for almost 20mins until I turned around to find somewhere else to park.

    Greenwich is ridiculous!
    Any news on that damn bus lane created in Woolwich Road? I heard thousands are petitioning against it.

    • Sums up things quite nicely. Closed Blackwall tunnel causes gridlock… Blames bus lane. Nice

      • Matt, I think you have summed things up quite incorrectly. Where does the poster blame the bus lane? He/she was asking if there was any news about it.

        Oh, and that bus lane is causing traffic chaos. Have you actially been to look at it during busier times?
        A bus lane that delays buses. Amazing.

      • I agree with Chris.
        Blackxino didn’t blame the the Blackwall tunnel gridlock on the Woolwich Road bus lane, he raised that as a separate issue which is also causing congestion in the area.

  • Is anyone surprised, the tunnel shuts an the surrounding area is gridlocked, its always the same. Plus with Christmas shoppers adding to the problem. If the council had pland to revamp woolwich, with better parking facilities when the arsenal was in the planning stages, it already has very good public transport links, also encouraged the main retailers to stay, im sure the borough residents would have donej thier shopping there.They used to in the past,

  • Let us hope the council does look at the bus lane, realise that it makes cycling far safer and implements further safe cycle measures in the borough.

    I would like to see average speed cameras along Woolwich Road. It is 20mph, when I drive along at 20mph I have other vehicles right up to the rear bumper of my vehicle and being aggressive. Maybe if we had better enforcement we would all be safer?

  • Ditto 16 December, and tide too high for Woolwich ferrry


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