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Greenwich traffic disruption coming soon due to Thames Tideway work


Roadworks across Greenwich will kick off in a week as Thames Tideway work begins to make itself known. Sizable disruption is expected with a target start date of Monday 28th October.

Road closures are planned on Trafalgar Road near the Old Naval College and Nelson Road as part of work to test sewers with work moving down the road on a daily basis. A contra-flow and temporary traffic lights are expected.

Greenwich town centre

For those unaware, the Thames Tideway is a huge scheme comprising 16 miles of new sewer tunnels across London.

Two work sites are located in Deptford and Greenwich.

Greenwich work site off Norman Road. The frame is an “acoustic tent”

The project will complete in five years time in 2024. It will collect sewage in West Ham that has arrived via a number of pipes collecting waste that’s currently discharged into the Thames. It’s then transferred to Beckton for processing.

The tunnel cost is currently put at £3.8 billion though there are concerns of a £2 billion overspend. project costs grew by eight per cent last year. The project will place £20-£25 on each household’s annual water bill.

Controversy has arisen not only due to cost overruns but Thames Water users footing the cost yet 60 per cent of benefit accruing beyond London.

Funding is also an issue with a PFI-style deal in place. With Government able to borrow at 400-year low interest rates, the project is instead funded by private finance at higher interest costs  – which are then passed onto customers.

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