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Another Greenwich Thames-side block of flats complete

A block of flats located in Greenwich has recently completed with occupants ready to move in.

This development hasn’t gained a great deal of attention though I did cover it back in 2015. It’s tucked away near New Capital Quay at Thames Street and Horseferry Place.

Taken May 2019 when under construction

It’s changed somewhat since early plans as seen here:

Plans from late 2017

Brickwork on the lower part of the structure has been changed to yellow with the riverside section raised in height and clad in some pretty cheap looking and drab grey cladding.

It’s a shame the public realm around the site is poor too. tarmac for paving and no trees. The road is narrow though moving disabled parking spaces may have helped with finding space for trees.

Housing Association L&Q are behind the development with a three-bed flat costing £790,000 and a one bed £500,000. Only Help to Buy is keeping prices that high – and even with it that price is beyond the reach of 90 per cent of people. Bare in mind though that new build prices have been falling sharply in Greenwich borough over the past year. Even Government props can’t defy economic reality.


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  1. CDT

    I think this block of flats would have been better if built for rent by London and Quadrant at affordable rents.

    As to be able to afford to purchase one of these new flats is well beyond the reach of most local residents living in Greenwich and neighouring boroughs.

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