Developer back with ANOTHER plan to demolish Greenwich pub

Plans have been submitted again to demolish the former Thames Inn pub in Greenwich.

This plan differs in that they’ve added a couple more floors on top taking it to seven storeys high.

The Thames Inn is a characterful building and one of the last Victorian buildings in the area. It’s located beside the near-1000 home New Capital Quay development.

Previous plan

The initial application to demolish the pub was refused by Greenwich Council and rejected on appeal. A second attempt was withdrawn after advice from planning officers.

The developers are Cobalt Equity Management. Rather than restore the pub and incorporate housing through extensions they are sticking with wholesale demolition.

On the face of it, it seems an ideal spot for a pub. Located in the midst of thousands of new homes, near tourist sites AND many students living in halls of residence, many pubs would love such a spot.

You can view plans here.

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5 thoughts on “Developer back with ANOTHER plan to demolish Greenwich pub

  • The old pub a real eye sore and anything better than The way it’s looking now .
    Surprised squatters haven’t moved in yet …

    • Refurbish then surely. It could look great with some vision.

      • The building seems to be still in a rather good condition. With that it can only be a huge benefit to KEEP it and refurbish. There are many positives if so: 1) an older building in a new area will ‘echo breath’ the old days which has a positive aura. You can still ‘connect’ to the ‘when’. 2) old style pub has its character, incl what I just said ‘breaths it’ which bond/connect locals and visitors quicker then a shabby open air pub without a soul.

        It is a thing most (developers) overlook at. Some old building that can be refurbished and used are part of success

  • Developers have no vision. It’s all about numbers and refurbishing a small building such as this pub means there is no volume market, so tearing down a characterful property and putting up a bland, boxy structure packed with residents is what they do.

  • That proposed new building is an insult to my eyes! Even the CGI can’t make it look decent – what a joke of a proposal


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