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Agreement to cover cost of fixing flammable cladding at 1000-home Greenwich development

After months of arguing the National House-Building Council have agreed to foot the bill for replacing flammable cladding at New Capital Quay in Greenwich.

The Galliard development went up around five years ago and includes nearly 1000 homes and a Waitrose amongst many riverside commercial units (many of which are still empty).

River facing units

This is welcome news to those stuck in limbo and who have fought for the developer or insurers to foot the bill.

Another large development with the most dangerous type of cladding is located nearby at Greenwich Square, which includes Greenwich library and leisure centre.

24 hour fire marshalls are still on site as arguments continue on who pays.




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  1. anonymous201486

    That is good news and as it should be. The purchasers of these overpriced dwellings didn’t knowingly buy a dangerous property – who would – and it is not their fault that the developers breached building regulations.

    The NHBC should also pick up the bill for Greenwich Square.

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