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Another housing proposal and hotel in Greenwich town centre

New flats

I was down around Deptford Creek recently and the large number of developments now underway are really making themselves known. The whole landscape is changing fast. I’ll do some follow posts about that, but whilst walking I realised I’d not covered one scheme which went in for planning last summer.

View from Norman Road

Plans were submitted to replace a 1950s building on Norman Road with a block for 60-70 flats rising up to 11 storeys in height. The architects are bptw, who were also behind the buildings at the north of Norman Road and currently have office space in the existing building.

The current building going isn’t a great loss. Tacky appendages did not help its appearance.

The planning application mentions that a 30 bed hotel has approval behind the North Pole pub. Here’s the spot:

Here’s a render of the hotel:

The planned flats over the road from the hotel have two tone brickwork and incorporate an arch.

There’s so much more going on in the area that I’ll run some follow-up stories of changes in the area over coming days looking at new developments including Essential Living’s tower by Creek Road whose concrete core is now at 20 storeys, and also covering continuing neglect by Greenwich council of an estate in the middle of all this.

It’s one I’ve covered a few times, and once again external areas were in bad shape when I was there. One part of the brickwork is now so damaged and loose that it’s an invite for litigation when it falls on someone (it’s at toddler height) which will cost taxpayers dearly.

Much more on what’s happening in Deptford, Greenwich and Charlton coming next week.


  1. adam

    I love this new vernacular that’s going around in London and I am glad it’s spreading South East, Is there any new developments going on within Bexley Council lately?

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