Yet another Greenwich development in for planning – shops and offices this time

They’re coming in thick and fast.

Another application is in at Greenwich Peninsula and this one’s for the south-east corner of Greenwich Millennium Village, just over the road from Ikea and near Bugsby’s Way shops.

Site is directly opposite road

There are plans for a new square, parking and offices with retail on the ground floor. Planning documents state the plot as a gateway to the entire GMV site. Adjacent homes were submitted and covered on this site a couple of weeks ago.

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This is the proposed block:

No crossing as things stand.

Loving the use of a Jaguar E-Type there. Remove that for an HGV and you’re somewhat closer to the truth. In fact all the renders paint a picture somewhat at odds with reality – as my photos of the area show.

Site viewed from Ikea’s community garden

What is noticeable is the overall GMV masterplan – including this prominent plot – is straight out of failed 1960s urban design. So far next to no changes to surrounding roads have been made.

This plot at bottom right of overall site

An attempt to insulate homes and residents from major roads in the surrounding area, pretending they’re not there rather than work to alter those roads to create a people-friendly space when people leave the estate.

Road next to site

No matter how many shops, thousands of homes and offices this areas sees, the local authority seems resolute in sticking to the existing road network of large roundabouts, high speeds and vehicle-priority without considering thousands of new residents, worker and visitors.

Many post-war estate did exactly that and presented blank facades to surrounding roads in insular designs. It didn’t work. Many are now coming down. In Greenwich the same mistakes are being pushed.

No pedestrian crossing beside site – cars often enter area off adjacent roundabout at high speed. Another run and hope site

The application states:

“The Proposed Masterplan is predicated on a desire to create a humane
public realm of streets and squares”.

Next to site

Yes, but only within the site. Do they expect people to never leave on foot to reach railway stations nearby, shops, schools, and other amenities in areas such as east Greenwich?

Click here to view plans and comment.

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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

3 thoughts on “Yet another Greenwich development in for planning – shops and offices this time

  • Not to worry, though, GLLaB will still get their chunk of cashola!

  • The road lay out here is so dangerous. Greenwich Council need to carry major improvements to the road lay out and roundabouts along with better pedestrian crossings and improvements to the public realm to make it easier and more pleasant walking towards to the shops on Bugsby Way and towards IKEA as you leave the Greenwich Millennium Village.

    Not all areas of the Millennium Village have a direct bus service to the shops on Bugsby Way or to local rail stations and schools.

    Many of the street lights on Pear Tree Way and under the Woolwich Flyover by the notorious Angerstein Roundabout have not been working for years,


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