A new look around Deptford Creek as towers rise

Towers along Deptford Creek are increasingly apparent on the skyline, and the main structure many will have noticed is Essential Living’s private rental scheme at Creekside Wharf. I was in the area recently and took pics of various buildings going up in the area.

Firstly, Creekside Wharf, which’ll include 249 flats. The concrete core is up to floor 20 which is near the final total of 23.

In the image above it’s shown facing a scheme which recently completed over the Creek.

All flats are private rental in Creekside Wharf. It’ll adopt modular building methods which should mean quicker construction. The core has shot up in recent weeks and the rest should be close behind.

Much work was spent shoring up the edge by the Creek. Renders envisage a reasonable sized public space here. We’ll have to see whether it’ll actually be used or will high rents again lead to windswept and areas devoid of life.

This plot is in Greenwich borough with the borough boundary directly beside. A plot next door is likely to see very similar plans and located in Lewisham borough. They opposed this tower.

Lewisham council and the Laban centre were to sell plots of land to the developer Kitewood to increase the scope of future plans beside this scheme now rising. Derelict buildings are still in evidence:

This render showed plans for this site. The buildings in green are now rising – it’s the one to the rear which is awaiting development:

Kent Wharf

A short walk south past the Laban Centre – where I was again reminded of the nice landscaping but crap eight foot metal fencing surrounding the site – and the next big development quickly becomes apparent. This is Bellway’s tower. 143 flats in total in the development:

The other side of this reveals another plot that will be housing in coming years. Below shows the spot. The Jones warehouse site is to become Sun Wharf:

Bellway have partnered with Family Mosaic (now merging with Peabody) to develop this site for 200+ homes.


Head further south along Creekside and you find this block with 148 flats:

These are just those around the Creek that are quite advanced. There’s a few other schemes on the way, such as Fairview Homes plan on the Greenwich side by Millenium Mills. I covered it last July and it has subsequently been approved:

It references the listed Millenium Mills beside. A definite improvement over the flat roofed, bulky developments covered above.

And then just south of their is the proposed block I covered in my last post.

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