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Another Greenwich block requires flammable cladding removal

Greenwich Peninsula taken in 2015 when construction underway

Plans are in to remove cladding from yet another recently built build block in Greenwich.

This one is City Peninsula at the southern end of the Peninsula. Bellway constructed the block in 2015. This photo taken on a riverside walk shows the building nearing completion:

Taken 2015

Greenwich is covered in buildings that either require and have required cladding changes. These include Greenwich Millennium Village, the Greenwich Centre where the library and leisure centred are housed and New Capital Quay where Waitrose is located.

Greenwich Centre on left houses library

The wider borough was in the top three out of hundreds of authorities at the end of 2019.

Details are here.


  1. Greenwich Peninsula Resident

    Small correction – the building you’re referring to in the photo is Platinum Riverside rather than City Peninsula (which was completed in 2011). Irrespective, both buildings require their cladding to be removed and replaced.

  2. CDT

    Health and safety of residents has to be paramount with both the developers and Local Authority in this case (Greenwich).All dangerous inflammable cladding needs to be removed from the market completely and made illegal for comapnies to sell this type of cladding.

    I cannot see why new developments are not completed with a nice light brick finish like the Wellington Quarter) on Wellington Street or a nice clean rendered finish which are both safer than cladding.

    • Chris L

      Unfortunately, the “brick” finishes you like are also cladding. They are lifted into place in complete sections and are quite thin.

      What is needed on all blocks is fire engineering with flame proof material between the building and the cladding and horizontal breaks between sections.

  3. Who is going to foot the bill? It should not be the unwary occupants who did not consent to living in a potential death trap.

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