Incident in Woolwich with “shoplifters” trashing Woolwich shop as owners try to detain

A video has surfaced and is spreading widely on social media showing a number of apparent “shoplifters” fighting with staff as they try to detain a number of girls.

The shop is believed to be in Woolwich town centre and recorded over the weekend.

Staff pulled down shutters and attempted to restrain suspects as they attack staff.

The exact incident is yet to be confirmed by police though does correspond to other reports including photos taken from the outside of a shop in Woolwich with an incident ongoing.


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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    12 thoughts on “Incident in Woolwich with “shoplifters” trashing Woolwich shop as owners try to detain

    • What shocking behaviour from these girls. Shop owners and shop staff should not have to tolerate this kind of behaviour from anyone and certainly not shop lifters stealing from them.

      I hope all the staff in the shop are ok.

    • Pretty sure those girls are from this country…

    • Sadly it is just another act of anti social behaviour in Woolwich which still blights the area despite the best efforts from the Council to regenerate the area. Which as seen major redevelopment over the last few years with more regeneration still to come.

    • I think the shop owners did well considering.
      I don’t know if i’d have shown as much restraint!

      The sad truth is I wouldn’t be surprised if the shop owners were charged with false imprisonment for pulling down the shutters!

      The problem is no amount of money thrown at Woolwich is going to help when you have gangs like this who bring anti-social behaviour (at the minimum), violence, destruction and criminal activity.
      As I’ve mentioned previously in other posts, the increased density of high rise flats is only going to make matters worse! These places aren’t suitable for families, there is no gardens etc and kids are likely to overspill onto the streets where they are recruited into gangs.

      The police need a heavy sustained presence in Woolwich to get any type of control!

    • Disgusting behaviour. I saw the video of this on twitter. The way that teenage girl was fighting with the shop owner was disgraceful, she looked like a fighting dog. I have never witnessed this kind of behaviour before. And as a new resident to the area, I regret having moved. I’m glad the shop owners stood their ground, it will prevent other youths making another attempt. I feel sorry for shop owners in woolwich. I also feel sorry for myself in having moved into this borough. I am praying gentrification from crossrail will help. There would be no appetite for this kind of budget hair accessory shop if there was a broader/more mixed and more affluent demographic in woolwich common. And new entreprenuers who set up more diverse restaurants and businesses.
      Also as a country we need to question this kind of behaviour. There a people who live in mud huts in asia and have no access to education or other opportunities and they do not behave like this. So why do teenagers in one of the most wealthy countries in the world act ‘gangsta’? Can we send her to a ‘reeducation camp’ in China? That might sort her out.

      • (No appetite for this kind of budget shop) What a disgraceful comment. Your just as a bad as the disgusting behaviour this shop owner received from the girl. There is already a huge divide in Woolwich. I know because i live in the nice bit on the other side of the road. However demonising the generally poorer demographic of the area.Mainly decent people that do very important jobs(Nurses, cleaners, bus drivers etc) and pushing them out so you do not have to mix with them. So you can live in your little bubble, and pretend these people do not exist is a shocking attitude.

      • Get out of your bubble please. That ‘budget hair accessory shop’ is not budget for a start – the products in there range from cheap to quite expensive. They are for Afro hair. Just because you wouldn’t shop there (because I’m assuming you can get all your hair products very easily from Boots or Superdrug) that doesn’t make it cheap and unpleasant or degrading to an area. You’re basically saying all black and Asian people should move out of Woolwich so you can feel better about living there. Unbelievable.

      • Not surprised you’ve never witnessed this behaviour and indeed most of that other grumph you’re spouting probably explains why. AS another poster mentioned that wee bubble you seem to have been inhabiting needs burst so you can join us in the real world.
        I bet you’re the kind of sad git who uses those very budget shop you’re denigrating armed with your old Waitrose carrier bags to disguise your shopping.

        Gentrification indeed….urgh.
        Poor wannabe who couldn’t quite afford the affluent areas you aspire to no doubt so had to settle for Woolwich.
        Oh well….poor you, poor you….pour you another!!


      • Totally agree. Poor shouldn’t mean bad. Dreadful behaviour.

    • I have to agree with your comments HK. I have to admit Also you make a good point with regard to the increased density of high rise flats is only going to make matters worse!

      I also mentioned in previous post Greater London is becoming far to much over populated. I think new towns should be built outside Greater London where people will be housed in houses with gardens and not just flats this will also give them more space for their children to play etc.

      This was done after the war when there was an housing crisis in London and other major cities around the UK.

      • No-one wants to live in out of town settlements. Do you want to live in Stevenage? (Which is one of the new post war towns). No. Building more places like it won’t help.

    • This behaviour has nothing to do with the amount of money the shoplifters has. Given their profession (shop lifting) I would say they are doing OK. Untaxed income. They are likely to be considered affluent.

      Look at them, you cannot behave like that if you are starving or weak from hunger. Let’s call it what it is ‘opportunist trying their hand’.

      If Woolwich was known for being policed then we are unlikely to get this happening.
      However the authorities both police and Council have decided that Woolwich is an area they need not bother about and over time the criminals have come to believe Woolwich is a weak touch.

      If the learned are to post comments on social media lets direct our anger to the institutions that played a big part at causing such things. We need to have the area policed with strength and be damned with consideration for the criminals. Plus we need the council to do something to stop the anti-social behaviour in public places. Simple.


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