Silvertown Tunnel protesters jetwash Thames embankment in protest

A number of protesters have jetwashed a message against the Silvertown tunnel on an embankment on the northern side of the Thames.

The action came as piling work for the tunnel continued on land to the north.

Piling work underway

Work on the tunnel in this area will potentially hold up plans for housing and a new DLR station approved last year.


Both main candidates in the forthcoming mayoral election support the tunnel which TfL and Sadiq Khan state will reduce congestion.

Both tunnels will converge on the same road in Greenwich – unlike north of the Thames

However opponents state it will do the reverse – and TfL’s own modelling data backs that up, with morning northbound queues from Greenwich improving but afternoon southbound queues through the borough towards Kent due to worsen, as two tunnels’ worth of traffic converge on the existing road network. That modelling was also conducted before the numbers of new homes at major plots running near the A102 and A2 were expanded at Kidbrooke Village and Greenwich Peninsula.

TfL predict an increase in PM traffic

One thing I’ve been keeping an eye on this week is whether those afternoon tailbacks return again as the economy opens back up. The past two days have seen it – and many schools are not yet back. These tailbacks towards Kent have been the case for some years now.

New homes beside Kidbrooke A2 slip road now underway

The A102 and A2 are lined with TfL cameras which offer a glimpse into tailbacks. They have stretched from Falconwood back to Greenwich through Kidbrooke and Blackheath.

Candidates that oppose include the Greens and Lib Dems.

Tree removal

Greenwich peninsula has seen numerous trees cut down in recent months. In total more than 120 will be removed. In addition, an area planned for new housing is now a new coach and car park.

The tunnel’s cost is now £2.2 billion. TfL are to pay £200 million – despite their current financial problems – with £2 billion borrowed by Riverlinx who will construct and operate the tunnel, which will be paid back through tolls to Blackwall and Silvertown tunnels to recoup costs. In order to do this, a certain level of traffic must be met.

1,400 homes planned beside A102 in Greenwich. Nearly 20k others built or coming

More protests are planned by Stop the Silvertown group who have also started a petition.










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3 thoughts on “Silvertown Tunnel protesters jetwash Thames embankment in protest

  • Sadly among the 120+ trees that have been or will be cut down is a single elm tree marooned on a bit of grassland next to the existing Blackwall Tunnel exit. Anyone under about 60 will never have seen an elm as they all succumbed to Dutch Elm disease in the 1960s and 70s radically changing the face of the English countryside and traditional hedgerows. How on earth did this lone elm end up on a highly polluted site next to streaming traffic? And how ironic that it will be cut down in order to build a new flyover for the Blackwall Southern exit over the Silvertown access roads. If you want to see an elm tree before it goes hurry down Millennium Way and head through the barriers towards Blackwall Tunnel.

  • is this really the only Elm left in the UK? Surely if so theres a a way of moving it, if a mature tree is possible to both move and save, which i suppose is ‘unlikely’. Anyone know?
    Anyway all may not be lost yet, its great that the activists have begun a decent noticeable campaign, which hopefully will increases sufficiently to get national news attention. Now we locals need to voice our opposition too somehow.
    It won’t be easy as the pro car lobby is strong (as evident in recent forums used by mainly older adults, like ‘Next Door’), and very against change pro-environment rather than pro-convenience. Especially (sadly) the elder generation (I feel a lone opposer amongst my generation) (who do remember Elm trees!) Fight against this extra blight on our locality and our childrens health. Reduce car use, not build more things to satisfy it’s ever growing greed for space.

  • So sad to see so many trees being cut down at a time we need more trees planted.

    Sadly now that the Silvertown Tunnel as been granted permission by the current Mayor of Lonodn Sadiq Khan and work started on site the project is unlikely to be cancelled.

    I really concerned by the amount of pollution in the Borough of Greenwich which is already high and only set to get much worse with the opening of the Silvertown Tunnel which will not only affect Greenwich but other neighbouring Boroughs in South East London and East London as traffic increases.

    There as already been an increase in respiratory health conditions affecting childrens and adults with more people needing medication and hospital treatments.


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