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Campaign group formed to fight tower planned outside Woolwich Tesco

Plans in front and behind superstore

A campaign group has been formed in Woolwich to fight plans for a tower that is proposed on greenery outside the Tesco superstore.

Some members of Speak out Woolwich are planning to attend tonight’s full Council meeting. The amount of social housing proposed (none) is one core element of the campaign, as is the height of the tower.

There’s much to like regarding the appearance of the tower. Unfortunately is it really the best spot for it? Building to 27-storeys onto General Gordon Square and beside Georgian buildings could overwhelm the place.

Proposed view from Woolwich Arsenal station

And there’s another aspect to this. Normally, an area Masterplan is drawn up, people are consulted, and then it’s adopted around 6 months to a year after and this guides subsequent development. This happened in Charlton Riverside. That Masterplan was consulted upon about a year after the Woolwich Masterplan yet adopted many months ago.

Yet the process in Woolwich appears to have ground to halt after public consultation in 2015/16 and never adopted. That’s crucial as the 2015/16 consultation recommended heights no taller than 15-floors at this spot.

From the draft masterplan

Why the hold up?

Developers Meyer Homes have also re-submitted plans to fence off the green area in front of Tesco after earlier plans were rejected.

Tonight’s full council meeting should be webcast here from 7pm.





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