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Woolwich Poly school expanding to take girls – plans submitted

New Woolwich Poly buildings

Plans have been submitted to build extensions to Woolwich Polytechnic school as part of an expansion to take girls for the first time.

The school should take its first female intake in September 2019, with eight form groups planned. The boys and girls schools will however only teach single-sex groups and have separate entrances.

The new school buildings will be located on former playing fields. Sports pitches are being rearranged and opened to the public for the first time.

Woolwich Poly moved to its current location in Thamesmead, at the former site of Waterfield school, from Victorian buildings at sites including Macbean Street and Sandy Hill Road in Woolwich.

Both elements of Woolwich Polytechnic will be members of Academy group POLYMAT.

There has been increased demand for secondary places in Greenwich borough due to new housing and rising population and birth rate from the 2000s. This first resulted in a need for increased primary school buildings and now secondary school demand.

For that reason, Plumstead Manor school, currently girls only, is expanding to include boys.

Planning ref is 17/3907/F

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