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Heavy traffic in Woolwich & Greenwich tonight after Dartford crossing issues

Congestion zone boundary?

The closure of the M25 and heavy delays on the A2 are causing heavy traffic across south east London tonight including Woolwich and Greenwich.

The A2 has miles of tailbacks heading towards Dartford.

Woolwich is seeing heavy traffic as is east Greenwich in areas around Thames crossings.

What’s new you may say? Well, true, though traffic levels are greater in many areas tonight.

Buses are heavily disrupted.



  1. mave

    And the Silver Town tunnel will help stop this sort of thing?

  2. Gordon of Greenwich

    The Westcombe Hill and Tunnel Avenue Rat Run is in full flow and it’s 7pm! – It’ll be interesting to see what these drivers will do when the A102 Northbound on slip is closed off!

    • Lord Lew Can

      The queue for the antiquated Woolwich Ferry which unbelievably continues onto an already busy and fast roundabout was causing predictable chaos as usual.

  3. L Wylde

    422 Bus Driver here, and the traffic in East Greenwich and Blackwall Lane has been horrific the past week. It will be worse next week when most schools return. And now there’s more closures and works happening in Trafalgar Rd to Anchor and Hope toake room for a cycle lane, I give up. Greenwich Council have added to the mess by narrowing the road in Greenwich for Social Distancing, the yellow box junction, now being enforced, means no one can get across the junction. Every day is a total catastrophe.

    • CDT

      @ L Wylde Firstly can I say your doing a great job in very difficult circumstances and traffic conditions.

      All the planned closures will only add to traffic congestion and stress for drivers and is only set to get worse.

      Silvertown Tunnel will only bring more traffic in to the area to gain access to the tunnel.

  4. Bernie

    They should have traffic police monitoring the traffic situation at times like these instead of sitting in lay-bys waiting to catch speedsters on roads that are jam packed with gridlock traffic

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