TfL Woolwich & Eltham bus lanes to operate 24/7

Transport for London are to make a number of bus lanes 24/7 in London including three in Greenwich borough and 11 in Lewisham borough.

The lanes in Greenwich borough are:

  • Academy Road
  • Eltham Road
  • Well Hall Road

TfL manage relatively few roads in Greenwich borough hence the low number. The vast majority of roads are under Greenwich Council control except the south circular and A2/A102.

TfL managed roads in London

There are also limited stretches of bus lane on the Academy Road as it is so any impact is likely to be limited.

In Lewisham a greater number of roads are TfL red routes so the total is higher, and includes:

  • Amersham Road
  • Bromley Road
  • Eltham Road
  • Lee High Road
  • Lewisham Way
  • London Road
  • New Cross Road
  • Parkfield Road
  • Queen’s Road
  • Stanstead Road
  • Waldram Park Road

This will see a bigger impact. Lee High Road near Lewisham town centre, for example, often sees extensive parking on bus lanes during off peak times which can slow traffic and buses.

Drivers who enter bus lanes can be fined £65, which rises to £130 if not paid within two weeks.


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    20 thoughts on “TfL Woolwich & Eltham bus lanes to operate 24/7

    • What is the point of making the Academy Road bus lane a 24 hour bus lane when only one route uses the bus lane and that route is the 122 Plumstead Bus Garage to Crystal Palace which operates every 12 minutes during the day and does not have a night bus service.

      It would be great if route 122 had an increased frequencyand operated more often and operated 24 hours a day or there was more local bus routes using the bus lane otherwise making the bus lane 24 hours a day really is pointless on such a busy road,

    • A very valid comment CDT what ist he point of making this bus lane on Academy Road 24 hours 7 days a week when it is only used by one bus route.

      I could understand it if several high frequnecy bus routes used the bus lane and operated 24 hour services.

      It is obvious TFL are doing this so then can issue more fines to motorist to raise much needed funds.

      • The bus lane was created before the 161 was diverted via the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

        Even then the frequency of both routes didn’t really justify a bus lane.

        I did contact TfL about this and their answer was that road safety was a factor. Previously the road was three lanes. The centre lane was shared and used for overtaking in either direction. This was dangerous.

        All bus lanes are being made 24 hour. It makes it simple for drivers. Don’t drive in bus lanes.

        • Can’t blame TFL. Their budget must be in tatters after COVID19. Gotta make it up somehow

        • Thats true, But with traffic using one lane on Acdemy Road towards Eltham you do get a lot of traffic tail backs at peak homes.

          TFL need to remember that motorist and companies using vans and lorries pay to use the roads so some more consideration for motorist van and lorry drivers would not go a miss. !!


          • Single lane through the lights and afterwards.

            There would still be tailbacks.

            • Yes true enough Chris L, However, I cannot see any point to extending the bus lane on Academy Road to 24 hours 7 days a week. When it is only used by one bus routethe 122 during the day at every 12 minutes and less frequently in the evenings with no night bus routes using the bus lane.

              I think the current bus lane operating hours of 7am to 7 pm Monday to Saturdays is sufficient for Academy Road unless more bus routes and a night bus route starts using the bus lane in the future then TFL could look at making it a 24 hour bus lane at that time. I do not think the change can be justified at this time.

    • I’m still very curious and I try to dig around how the Bakerloo extension will look like. I think it will be a split in two at the east of Old Kent Road. One heads south to Lewisham then takes over a railway line further south the second is private funded, via Canary wharf – from there I keep looking l: IKEA a station, Chalton possible but certain is Woolwich Arsenal, to then up into Thamrsmrsd and further east to Erith. It would boost so many areas and it’s weitd it is taking so long. No excuses to boost the Old Kent Road and mentioned areas

      • Way off topic and never going to happen.

        The Bakerloo line extension route is fixed as far Lewisham.

        Small trains are unsuitable for the route you suggest.

      • It’s way off topic this as we’re talking about the bus lane, but It’s uncertain if the Bakerloo extension will even reach Lewisham, let alone Beckenham and Hayes and certainly not Canary Wharf, at this rate it may only get extended down to Camberwell which is on a different alignment to the hypothetical Lewisham extension, TfL’s finances aren’t in great shape so many schemes will either be done on the cheap, delayed by decades or shelved indefinitely

        • It’s only 80 years late. Whats another 20?

          • Correct it’s off topic to bus lanes, but of course still public transport and to benefit South East London. I have read the privately funded Canary Wharf suggestion, so of course I think about the needed boost of Thamesmead and nearby. It’s a fun debate subject

          • TfL’s finances will take decades to recover I’m not saying the Bakerloo extension won’t happen I’m saying that it will probably be rerouted to Camberwell, an area in inner London which actually needs a rail link

          • A tube extension that’s 100 years late? Just extend it to Camberwell at this point

        • The bus lane is also a cycle lane. 24/7 provision is good new for cyclists. Riding that route daily, the single traffic lane in each direction is perfectly able to cope with traffic demand.

          Starting at the ferry, the dual sections need repurposing for cycles and buses.

          The single section near the barracks is a nightmare for pedestrians and cycles. A shared use footpath in the up direction that can’t be accessed from the cycle path ending on the road as there’s no dropped kerb…and no pavement at all on the barracks side!

    • Heading towards North Greenwich on the 161 the distance between the two bus stops
      needs addressing they are to far apart. stop shooter hill/well hall road (SP) Greenwich Heights (H5). the opposite side of this road has two bus stops (SB) and (SC)

      • There is no road space for another stop without causing severe delays to other traffic and changing to an 89 is possible for the entrance to nearby housing.

    • The 126 bus route Bromley South Station to Eltham High Street could be extended back to Woolwich direct via Well Hall Road and Academy Road like it did between 07/03/1987 and 29/07/1989.

      Not only would it provide the additional capacity called for between Eltham and Woolwich it would provide new links to Woolwich from Grove Park and the Chinbrook Estate by Marvels Lane.

      Ideal when trying to get to Woolwich from the SE12 area which is not easy by public transport especially for job seekers who have to attend Woolwich Job Centre after the closures of both Eltham and Lewisham Job Centres a few years back.

      • SE12 to Woolwich has the 54, 122, 178, 180 (at least for now) and 380.

        If anything the 161 has too many buses now.

        Woolwich is no longer a major objective for bus passengers. It’s just a mass of high rise housing.

        • It’s a major TfL hub though, especially once CrossRail opens


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