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Plans approved for new flats on narrow strip beside London Bridge approach lines

Plans for new homes at a narrow site beside tracks leading to London Bridge station were approved last night by a Lewisham Council committee.

Councillors gave the thumbs up for 61 flats at an awkward site in Bermondsey near Silwood Street located alongside tracks and close to London Overground sidings, an incinerator and a major rail junction.

Courtesy Google. Site in red alongside tracks

Affordable housing is set at 35 per cent – with those located closest to SELCHP incinerator. This is the building with a tall chimney near Millwall’s New Den which many trains pass on approach to London Bridge station.

Opposite Silwood estate

To protect against noise from the tracks, elevations facing the railway include screens and small windows. Unfortunately this is south facing thus reducing natural light.

Flats with small windows at upper floors. Ground floor will face viaduct

Commercial units and a community venue are planned at ground floor levels alongside arches below the rail viaduct.

Buildings top out at nine floors.

You can view the planning meeting here.

Further details on this development can be seen here.




  1. Hard up against the elevated tracks with the London over ground lines along side. Nice.

  2. Roy

    so another 10,000 tonnes of concrete…no green space…no community child space…no parking…no roof garden…no exercise area..years ago I saw vertical car parking in Tokyo…this looks almost like a Prison for animals…another faceless block saying and meaning nothing

    • HK

      Yep, this is all part of UN Agenda 21 & 2030, as is the low traffic zones that are popping up in boroughs around the capital! It’s part of ‘sustainable development’ – expect more of this.
      These blocks are not for the good & well-being of society!

  3. Martyn

    Affordable housing is set at 35 per cent – with those located closest to SELCHP incinerator.

    No surprise there

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