Looking at development and change along Greenwich line in 2022 into 2023

With 2022 drawing to a close it’s been another year of change as various new plans and proposals have popped up throughout the year.

As new applications went in, others approved or rejected as work started on site elsewhere building new homes, shops and places of work in various areas. It was, as ever, a time of constant change which I was keen to capture.

With that in mind I thought it opportune to take a look at what’s happening as we head into 2023

I’ll be looking at changes along a broad thrust near the Thames in this post roughly following the Greenwich railway line up to Woolwich, starting at…


This year has seen new homes at the former Tidemill school progress towards completion. 209 in total are being built here.

Under construction

Another site all but complete is Creekside with 56 flats:

Almost complete

During 2022 we also saw a block complete on Creek Road.

This is one of the few sites where developers got arsey with me using their renders. It couldn’t be because I called them out for calling a development as being in Greenwich when actually in Deptford could it?

New Deptford housing block


Deptford has a lot that could change during 2023.

There are long stalled plans for 3,500 homes at Convoys Wharf with some early plots a few hundred metres from Deptford station supposedly starting:

Convoys Wharf can assist with expansion

There’s also Sun Wharf which was approved in 2022.

Sun Wharf in Deptford


Greenwich town centre doesn’t have much underway or set to start imminently. This year did see the completion of homes on a former police station site.

Taken May 2022

There’s plenty approved that could see some movement in 2023, including Saxon Wharf:

Saxon Wharf in Greenwich West ward. Approved February 2019

Also on Norman Road at the junction with Creek Road is Ravernsbourne Wharf:

Tower on left approved in 2020

Work also appeared to begin on the site of towers beside St Mary Magdalene school before it went quite again.

Maze Hill

Further east is a council housing site which seen the first modular blocks installed in recent weeks:

Views of east Greenwich homes

Work is also underway on Blackwall Lane for this block. Well, the former MOT centre on site has come down in recent months.

New flats in Greenwich

Further north there’s areas such as Greenwich Millennium Village where work has continued at a number of plots.

New homes rising at Greenwich Millennium Village

Separates GMV plots have seen detailed planning submissions covering reserved matters in recent weeks which could mean movement in to 2023.

Westcombe Park

This small build is underway very close to the station:

Also reasonably close is the large development planned at B&Q and Ikea car park.

Could we see some serious progress here during 2023 with B&Q to close if plans approved and 1,300 homes built on both that site and above the car park?

Ikea and B&Q housing plan

Another site approved in 2022 was redevelopment of the Speedy Hire site on Woolwich Road.

It was approved in June this year.

Greenwich block approved


For all the bluster and plans very little has happened in Charlton. We may see movement on this block from Optivo.

Housing plan behind former Victoria pub

Many other plots are up for sale or seemingly stalled.

Perhaps work will begin around Faraday Works. Proposals have recently undergone revision.

Faraday Works site

Woolwich Dockyard

Down near Woolwich Dockyard is Mast Quay.

Mast Quay in Woolwich

After over 10 years of stagnation it’s been built – and looks nothing like the renders. All very cheap and nasty.

There’s also the rebuild of Morris Walk which will see 766 homes. 2022 saw demolition of existing buildings and preparation on site either side of the railway line.

Morris Walk rebuild will see doubling of homes

Another future development site is this tower next door, though little has happened for years since approval.

Approved – and separate to Morris Walk

And that just about covers the area near the railway line between Deptford and Woolwich Dockyard. Part two will look from Woolwich to Slade Green.I’ve enjoyed covering various changes and proposals throughout the year and will continue in 2023. If you have too, please consider a donation which is much appreciated, and thanks to all who have and do support.

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