Charing Cross station sees new departure boards for Southeastern passengers

You may not be able to travel there directly anymore from many south east London stations, but if you do arrive at Charing Cross new departure boards await.

Network Rail have spent the Christmas period removing former boards and installing multi-coloured replacements, as previously seen at other stations such as Euston.

Courtesy Network Rail. Tube info displayed

Opinions seem divided so far, with some stating it’s a visual mess and cluttered, while others with poor eyesight state it helped.

The old display had the time front and centre. That appears less prominent now.

There’s tube information, but could that be a little superfluous as those heading to the tube would be walking away from the board most of the time?

There is now Southeastern and Network Rail branding and logos, alongside arrows to the relevant platform.

The previous incarnation installed in the 2000s saw orange lettering and replaced the legendary Solari clattering boards. In the US, artists there have been salvaging equipment.

Recently taken

Of course those in the know are just using Realtimetrains to skip the crowds waiting on the concourse.

Photos courtesy of Network Rail.



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    3 thoughts on “Charing Cross station sees new departure boards for Southeastern passengers

    • Oprington, Sevenoakes, Tonbrigde, High BRooms??

      Notwork Fail !

    • New board much better with good bright colours

    • It was a mock up picture, not for public being taken at 0159. The luve versions doesn’t have those typos.


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