Lewisham to see £19m for various town centre improvements

Lewisham town centre is set to benefit from £19 million in funding for a range of projects across the town centre.

The funds will be coming from central government’s Levelling Up fund, with the second round just announced.

Lewisham’s bid aims to “unlock the civic and economic potential of the town centre.” Proposals include a new business hub, renovations around the clock tower and improved walking and cycling links.

Town centre. Patchwork paving

Last summer this site covered Lewisham’s submission for £20 million in funding.

The bid also included renovating the clock tower, a canopy covering market stalls and green space.

Funds would be spent on Lewisham library and active travel links.

Lewisham clock tower

With almost all of Lewisham’s funding bid accepted and allocated, most aspirations should be met.

One change mentioned was links between the station and town centre. Lewisham Gateway is nearing completion which is due to include a pedestrian link between the station and town centre, so it could well be the stretch of road outside Lewisham police station.

Lewisham shopping centre is also in line for demolition and set to open up the area and provide new connections, though that is some years away.

Blank facade of shopping centre facing station set to be demolished in time

A June 2022 Lewisham Council report stated:

There are a wide range of issues facing Lewisham High Street. These include the high volume of buses and vehicles that has a significant impact on the safety and attractiveness of the environment; difficult navigation between the key points (train station, market, shopping centre, high street); limited greenery; and limited cycling infrastructure. The public realm around the high street is not pedestrian friendly and doesn’t create a positive experience, which means people are less inclined to spend time or shop there.

Town centre

The key objective of this project is to create an enhanced public realm that supports positive experiences when visiting the town centre and increases the safety of residents, visitors and businesses.

The planned interventions are:

  • Improvement of access routes to and from High Street (wayfinding and signage,
  • Redesign of junctions and pedestrian crossings, pavement improvements)
  • Development of mobility hubs to encourage people to use cycling, walking and electric cars
  • Improvements to cycling infrastructure and new cycling lanes (subject to TfL approval)
  • Public realm enhancements and greenery
  • Safety features such as improved lighting and CCTV.

Now Lewisham have won the funds, cash must be spent by 2025.


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2 thoughts on “Lewisham to see £19m for various town centre improvements

  • When is Lewisham going to fix Catford as it’s now a 3rd world backwater stop of

  • I agree, Catford used to be so peaceful, genteel almost, My granny and Grandad bought our house there during the war, I had a wonderful childhood, it was a treat to go into Lewisham and shop at Chiesmans and have tea at Lyons. I’m not looking at life through rose tinted spectacles, Most people who lived there in the past would agree.
    Sometimes progress is not for the better..


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