Street and parking changes coming to Lewisham, Blackheath and Catford

Lewisham Council have launched a consultation on revised parking zones in Lewisham, Blackheath and Catford.

The consultation also includes public realm and streetscape changes including more trees and greenery alongside cycle storage.

Tesco Lewisham is set to be rebuilt in coming years. New homes seen to rear 

Electric vehicle charging points are also on the list of potential options. Improved pedestrian crossing could be implemented too.

A previous round of consultation looked at changes in Deptford, Crofton Park and other areas of Catford.

Tower recently approved in Deptford

New parking zones are to be installed in Deptford. The area is seeing much new development as are areas such as Lewisham and in future Catford.

Work is in relation to Lewisham Council’s Sustainable Streets program which is set to roll out parking zones borough-wide.

Lewisham borough CPZ

Planned changes in Lewisham borough

Further information on the Sustainable Streets program can be seen here.

It’s pretty light on detail of exactly what street changes can be expected nor on funding sources. Much like neighbouring Greenwich Council, Lewisham havn’t a great record with obtaining funding via Community Infrastrucutre Levy compared to many other London boroughs.

They begun the process of revising rates back in 2018 then stopped and five years later have yet to resume.

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    4 thoughts on “Street and parking changes coming to Lewisham, Blackheath and Catford

    • We need help with parking on roxley rd SE13 6HG and all surrounding roads as the mosque in catford takes over our streets and it is realy bad we as residents pay for parking permit yet when fiday comes the people from the mosque park from 12 to 4pm and never seem to get parking tickets which is not right there is defo something dodgy going on with the parking wardens when ramadam is on we have he’ll around catford even at 12 o’clock at night we as residents have to park in a diffrent area our cars get damaged and now they have put in planning for a bigger mosque where on earth are we going to park how on earth are we going to cope with more cars from there I suggest lewisham council help the residents in this area and restricted parking in our area

    • programme, not program. Since the 1950s ‘program’ has been used in British English for computer programs; but all other programmes are spelled in the traditional way

    • I got the leaflet but it there is no mention of street trees on it. We need more greenery, ideally along busy roads to offset the noise and carbon pollution.
      Also Lee Terrace and Belmont Hill have no traffic calming measures at all. No speed humps, no cameras. This causes a lot of speeding cars. I initially thought this might be because of the need for the ambulances to get to Blackheath hospital quickly but then found out that the hospital is a specialist hospital and has no A&E. Maybe some street parking could be introduced in the narrower parts to force calm down the traffic.
      We live in a cul-de-sac and never seem to have wardens visiting. Quite often large lorries and badly parked cars are left unchecked.

    • Levi – you could be right about ambulances but they would be going to Lewisham hospital which is effectively at the end of Belmont Hill if the ambulances use the bus only lanes at the bottom.


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