Travelodge sign up to open in Lewisham

Travelodge have signed up to become the tenants of a hotel in Lewisham that was approved earlier in the summer.

The building will be located on the corner of Lewisham High Street and Morley Road and comprise of 127 rooms. I’d previously covered plans before Travelodge signed up.

New hotel building

Every time a budget hotel announces a new branch some people predictably comment “who would want to stay in Lewisham, or Woolwich?”

The fact is many people will for a variety of reasons. This is very close to a major hospital for one, so useful for temporary staff or visitors to patients.

It’s one bus ride from Lewisham to the o2

Then there’s proximity to major destinations such as the o2. It is the world’s most popular music venue after all – and gigs attract people from around the world. If you’re a teen in, say, rural France or Spain and an American artist is only playing London as part of a European tour, then it’s a cheap low cost flight and then a cheap hotel for the weekend. These hotels cater for that market. Public transport also gets them into central London quickly to see the traditional sites.

Numerous hotels have also sprung up in Greenwich

What I find interesting is how local businesses adapt or not. Many just don’t towards new hotels and visitors. Even if 20 per cent of visitors will grab a bite to eat locally, that could be big business to a restaurant or cafe if they take the initiative.

Anyway, this joins a plethora of hotels out of Zone 1 that seem to be thriving away from tourist hotspots. Woolwich now has a Premier Inn and Travelodge, Sidcup a Travelodge and Bexleyheath a Premier Inn too. The list goes on and on.


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J Smith

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    5 thoughts on “Travelodge sign up to open in Lewisham

    • I’m sure the moaners will be along but more tourists and incoming money is a good thing. It’s not as if the site is doing much.

      For a budget hotel it looks very goos. Nice solid proportions and good materials in those images. Double height commercial units look good as does brickwork emphasizing height. Good design.

    • I agree Jo, I think the hotel looks nicely designed and is a good use for this site. The location is central too. When you thinkit is close to Greeneich Town Centre, The 02 and the new Magazine music venue,

      It is close enough to Lewisham Station for trains in to Central London and the DLR to Canary Wharf and even not too far from City Airport.

      Lewisham Hospital is also very close by. It will bring more business to the local shops pubs cafes and restaurants while also creating jobs. On top of all that he hotel is also well served by local bus services.

      I really cannot see what there is to moan about. Surely It can only be a good thing for Lewisham.

    • This site had permission for residential.. surely housing is a far more pressing issue than an ugly hotel ??

    • Normally I would agree with you. However, my understanding is no developers built housing on the site. Hence permission being granted for the commercial unit/hotel.

      There are major developments of new homes further down the road by Lewisham Station already completed. Further new homes are still under construction on the site.

      I agree Lewisham Borough does need more social housing built for rent by council and housing association tenants in the borough.

    • The other thing Murkey to consider – any hotel besides the DLR is easy access to Canary Wharf. The Novotel at Greenwich is full of people working in CW – and much cheaper than staying on the Isle of Dogs. Simliar the Premier Inn at Greenwich


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