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Lewisham block plan with 136 flats rejected

Plans for 136 flats in a block up to 15-storeys in height have been refused by Lewisham Council.

The development – first covered on this site last August – in Silver Road, included just 20 per cent “affordable” homes.

Lewisham Council has a target of 50 per cent affordable housing on developments. And with Sadiq Khan pushing for greater levels at other schemes, having just 20% was pushing it.

The application was ultimately rejected because it was “inappropriate” in scale and size.

It’s an awkward site bounded by railway lines.

If accepted, Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) income would have been more than £1.1m.


A 162-signature petition was also submitted against the development, with objections raised by the Ladywell Society.

Developers London Square can now appeal to the Mayor (though with 20% “affordable” housing, success if far from guaranteed) or rework plans.


  1. Tony Jackson

    Lewisham like many other town centres in South East London has lost all its building of character, and turning into a soulless area full off horrible character less boxes to live in. Just look at the old pictures of Victorian town centres such as Lewisham, Woolwich, Erith etc and see what beautiful buildings have been lost. I drove through Lewisham the other day, and it is just full of Lego tower blocks everywhere. Councils should refuse all these!

    • J

      The Victorian Era is over, We can preserve some of it but if we want London to continue it has to move on.

      • Joe O'Donnell

        Eugh London’s Victorian buildings are of much higher quality than 95% of stuff built in .last 20 years

    • Miles

      Have you walked round Lewisham town centre recently? It’s an endless parade of depressing post war cheap building work, rubbish, filth, grime and decline. At least these new buildings are injecting something new. I’m afraid that Mr Hitler and post war planners plus a useless local Council did far more damage than you’re suggesting will be done by this

  2. Douglas Dickson

    I totally agree with the above comments however with sadiq khan pulling the reigns on all labour councils they’ll do what he wants anyway even though this looks like a success for Lewisham as a whole he will find a way to get it through despite it looking like LBL are doing what he says in not allowing it… just watch..

  3. Paul

    Lewisham has got so mess up. Keep wasting tax payers money fix the pot hole in the road
    Thay really do not no what ther doing. start asking people in the area what stop think about your self ..we pay a nuff money in taxes so we should get some think back.

  4. Douglas Dickson

    Do yourselves a favour and Google Lewisham lip. See what’s coming next under this labour council all spearheaded from city hall. Hiding consultations online instead of writing to residents so they can push ahead with the lip3… have a look.

  5. anonymous201486

    Good. I am glad that Lewisham has the gumption to stand up to these grasping developers. I doubt that Mayor Khan will have any truck with the appeal given his stance on affordability.

  6. tony g

    Where did you see this decision of refusal please murky?

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