School kids seen train surfing the DLR

School kids seen train surfing the DLR

A couple of school children have been videoed “train surfing” on the outside of a DLR train holding on between carriages.

A few instances of similar behaviour has been documented recently. It’s a trend that seems to come and go. Around 15 years ago similar happened on Southeastern trains in south east London which resulted in every train having expensive modifications making it more difficult to gain a foothold.

Similar action probably isn’t likely on the DLR – and the DLR has on-board staff whereas Southeastern do not won suburban services.

The kids didn’t seem too happy being videoed – and with faces and school uniforms clearly seen on the original video are likely to get in a spot of bother.


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One thought on “School kids seen train surfing the DLR

  1. How stupid and dangerous is this. If an accident occurred their parents would be demanding massive amounts of compensation and trying to hold the DLR to account for their children’s’ actions.

    Why are these children not in school ?? I do hope they do get in a bit of bother with their schools, As they give the school and other pupils a bad name. They need to be taught how dangerous this behavior really is.

    I feel for the DLR staff and passengers who have to put up with this outrageous behaviour. I am sure British Transport Police will do there upmost to catch these culprits and stop incidents like these happening in the future.

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