Lewisham shopping centre redevelopment plans to be revealed

Plans for the redevelopment of Lewisham shopping centre will be revealed at an event within the centre next week.

A website covering plans reveals 1,700 homes are proposed alongside a covered shopping area. A music venue and cultural space are also on the agenda.

Courtesy Landsec U+I : Lewisham shopping centre redevelopment plan

Landowner Landsec had previously mentioned a figure of 2,500 homes in financial reports. It remains to be seen whether 1,700 is part of the site or excludes homes that may be built by a partner such as a Housing Association.

They do say “including affordable housing” is within that 1,700 number but given existing towers and high density housing, 1,700 may eventually be at the low end of expectations.

In fact, searching Landsec’s financial reports has often yielded more information than previous public consultation. That’s also how I discovered earlier this year that further details would be revealed before the year was out.

Overview of shopping centre


The existing centre has been a hallmark of south east London since opening back in 1977 alongside the former Citibank tower.

The centre is very much of its time, and now a comprehensive redevelopment would see a green space above a new shopping centre.

From March 2022

Back in March 2022 the general layout of the site was shown as seen above, and with a covered shopping area that area listed “public open space” could be the new centre.

Towers are proposed alongside an “arrival square” which sits opposite Lewisham Gateway and a new through-route from the station.

Current centre murals

Alongside information online there will be two in-person events to be held at 25 Lewisham Shopping Centre located beside XO bikes:

Saturday 11th November – 11.30 am – 5.00 pm 

Sunday 12th November  – 11.00 am – 4.00 pm 

It’s unlikely a great deal will happen soon. Businesses are still planning to open in the centre with Popeyes chicken the latest to submit plans as covered earlier this week.


As a child Lewisham was probably my favourite shopping centre to visit when dragged along by parents. For one, it had a cracking play area and those striking animal shaped bins. Little things made a difference.

Far more enjoyable than Woolwich or Bexleyheath.

The centre today

Most of its character was however swept away in a refurbishment in the 1990s as blandification took hold – as also seen at the Broadway in Bexleyheath.

Today it’s all a bit dull inside but does have pieces of the Berlin Wall inside. Can’t say that about the Broadway in Bexleyheath.

Recent additions

In anticipation of forthcoming demolition I’ve been taking a fair few photos documenting the place in recent years.

The sizable centre car park barely ever seems half full and remains a good spot to capture original features.

Car park signage

Various images of the centre can be seen here.

The multi-storey that sits above part of the centre will be demolished.

Nearby development

The shopping centre site is just one of many developments across Lewisham now underway.

Opposite the shopping centre is the delayed Lewisham Gateway site now set for 2024 completion which will link the area to Lewisham station via a shop lined pedestrian-only street.

Overview of Lewisham Gateway which sits between the shopping centre and station

There’s also Silver Road to the south of the centre which is approaching completion with 141 homes.

Silver Road site at bottom left

While the other side of the station sees Meyer Homes’ tower on the former Tesco car park almost ready for residents.

Beside Lewisham station

Tesco itself is set to be be demolished and the site redeveloped with high density housing and a replacement supermarket.

Slightly north of that are the last stages of an estate rebuild totalling 1,200 homes.

Possible future appearance

Threading various sites will be a major £20 million public realm upgrade across the town centre covering the market, clocktower and much more.

That begins in 2024.


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4 thoughts on “Lewisham shopping centre redevelopment plans to be revealed

  • Why did they ever get rid of those animal shaped bins? Inspired. What kid didn’t want to throw rubbish in them. And there was the revolving clock. I look forward to the work with interest. There is a desperate need for a safe link to the station, it’s worse than ever now getting from station to town. Having made the place way too car friendly with the ghastly 60s hangover Lewisham 2000 scheme, it now feels like crossing a dual carriageway to use public transport there.

  • Completely agree about the dangerous road crossing. I only drive through but it’s the worst thought-out layout for both cars and pedestrians I have ever seen. That can’t be the end result surely!

  • Lets hope that it does get further than planning.

  • I used to like the bins and the play area was great too.


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