Lewisham Council propose spending £1 million on cycle parking

Lewisham Council are looking to spend nearly a million pounds on secure cycle parking over the next four years.

A report before next week’s Lewisham Cabinet meeting states £963,000 in funding has been identified for a rolling project over four years for cycle hangers.

More than 1,400 residents are on a waiting list for a cycle parking space.

New housing in Lewisham brings millions to council

Funding will come from a number of sources this year. An extract reads: “Funding of £363k has been identified to date for the programme in 2024/25.

“£200k per annum has been allocated from the current Highways resurfacing capital budget over the 3+1 year period (a total of £800k over 4 years).

“Other funding sources are the 24/25 TfL LIP funding, £77k, and Climate Action Investment funding of £86,225k awarded for cycle parking in the borough in 24/25.”

Future funds

Potential funding streams in future years include Local Implementation Plan (LIP) funding allocated by Transport for London (TfL), Climate Action Investment funding, Section 106, NCIL (Neighbourhood element of the Community Infrastructure Levy) and the Sustainable Streets programme.

The report states totals could rise and potentially more than double over the period.

New housing in Lewisham

When looking at funding sources LIP could well increase. This is an annual sum given to each London borough for transport proejcts but has been frozen since 2020 and TfL’s funding issues. With TfL’s passenger growth and funding increases that could again rise in years to come.

Section 106 will of course depend on forthcoming developments and how revenue is allocated.

In terms of Community Infrastructure Levy revenue, the council in Lewisham have not raised increased pretty low rates for a decade. They started in 2018 then halted the process – and have never resumed. That has almost certainly cost the borough millions in lost revenue.

CIL brings millions to authorities across the country each year with some seeing tens of millions.

The neighbourhood element of CIL is a minimum of 15 per cent but in some areas is 25 per cent.


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    5 thoughts on “Lewisham Council propose spending £1 million on cycle parking

    • Spend one million pounds on cycle parking why front line services face budgets cuts including health and social care. Sounds about right for a Labour run. Getting their priorities wrong yet again.

      • I could not agree with you more. Sadly we have seen how badly Labour controlled Councils are run in London. Health and Socisl Care and the elderly, vulnerable Children and Adults are not high on their list of priorities. Choosing to reduce budgets to spend elsewhere where it is not needed Just like Lewisham Council are doing now with cycle parking..

        • You’ll find this fund is about 0.1 per cent of the social care budget which has been cut by the Tories in Westminster. And the transport budget can only be spent on transport related projects. That’s the law (in place by the Tories). People really don’t understand the basics of government finances and how money can be spent.
          Of course, more people cycling also helps with getting people fitter reducing the healthcare budget in time.

      • Funding is often ringfenced for specific projects. Cannot spend certain income in those areas. For example traffic related revenue is ringfenced to transport projects.

    • Commentators seem oblivious that if more people cycle, spending on health and social care over the long term will reduce as active travel is a preventative measure against cardiac and most other diseases. Lots of people on this site are just daily fail trolls.


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