Heritage tube train vandalised cancelling Piccadilly line running day

Image courtesy London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum has been forced to cancel a planned heritage day tomorrow (Sunday 9th June) after a train was vandalised.

A 1938-vintage train was due to run along the Piccadilly line between Acton Town station through central London along the Piccadilly line to Oakwood station.

The train has been lovingly restored and the day was due to see a talk from a museum curator on the trains plus a separate talk about architect Charles Holden behind many tube station designs.

Some 1938-stock lived out their later lives on the Isle of Wight – albeit looking quite different to it’s former internal appearance – with services only ceasing in 2021 at 82 years of age.

The Isle of Wight then saw further former tube stock converted from former District line stock converted by Vivarail.

Ticketholders for tomorrow’s event have been contacted about the cancellation.





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    11 thoughts on “Heritage tube train vandalised cancelling Piccadilly line running day

    • Does anyone know the type of vandalism used?

    • just who does this type of thing? brain dead

    • But I have no idea on why someone or whoever it was wanted to vandalise that former London Underground heritage train. Why do it though. What’s wrong with people these days.

    • I have no sympathy for who has vandalised such an incredible heritage train that was once used on the London Underground. Whoever done that will pay for what they did.

      You can’t do that to a 1938 Stock former London Underground tube train. I just think it’s out of order on what they have done.

    • Absolutely out of order. Who would want to do this vandalism and why?
      They must be completed determined to destroy our countries heritage or have social issues that affect their mentality.
      There is no excuse for this type of behaviour..
      Either way they need to be held to account for their actions. Vandalism is criminal.damage so should not be taken lightly by the Police.
      My heart goes out to those men and women who painstakingly took time to restore this train back to its former glory.
      Also to the people who bought tickets to travel on the train who have had their day out ruined leaving many people and children disappointed.

    • Unbelievable what the is a matter with eople these days. What do they gain by committing vandalism accept a criminal record if caught. Which I hope they will be.

    • I love the heritage trains comfort colours cute,nicer than the modern trains especially the upholstery feels so luxurious. I use to travel back an forth on the train it just felt so special. Shame on the vandals to destroy .

    • I grew up with these units on the Northern Line, Morden extension. The preserved examples are truly beautiful. A few weeks ago, a shuttle train, at the Severn Valley Railway, was vandalised too. It’s almost as if, heritage items are being targeted. Heartbreaking

      • Absolutely heart breaking Mike. No one respects our heritage anymore which is very sad

    • My father worked for London Transport all his life and to do this mindless damage to anything that is part of our national heritage is beyond belief. It just makes me so sad. Where is our pride?

    • Why was the train left somewhere the little buggers could get at it? Poor security?


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