Vacant Charlton Mothercare store to become Wren Kitchens

A vacant retail unit in Charlton left empty after Mothercare collapsed has seen plans submitted for a new branch of Wren Kitchens.

Beside Aldi

Note to Wren, you’ve said this is Greenwich. It isn’t. It’s Charlton. Don’t give me any of that “but it’s in Greenwich borough” nonsense; it’s the usual attempt to look a bit posher. Well, one trip to the mess that is Bugsby’s Way puts that to rest.

Bugsby’s way. Royal apparently

It’s about as nonsensical as “Royal Borough” signs in many places.

Of course these plans predate recent issues though Wren have opened some other stores recently. How they’ll fare when furlough ends and unemployment rises further remains to be seen.

Large signs they plan have proclaiming “5 years interest free credit” perhaps offers a glimpse into how they hope people can pay during a severe downturn in the economy. Whether a credit free for all is possible is another thing.

Meanwhile other the other side of Bugsbys Way there are now Wilko signs going up as the company prepares to close its Woolwich branch.



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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    11 thoughts on “Vacant Charlton Mothercare store to become Wren Kitchens

    • Bugsby’s way needs terminating, the whole area is a mess and does not improve despite the huge investment from new stores. They provide a new shopping interior and flashy signs on their buildings, but the store owners do NOTHING to improve the landscaping, litter collection, traffic problems, pedestrianisation, cycling safety, treescape/greening. And it’s a scandal. Reminiscent of a suburban run down shopping area in the poorer parts of USA- and there are plenty of those, unlike Hollywood would lead you to believe. Entirely based on the car and delivery lorries/trucks/vans. Dirty streets everywhere, unwelcoming underpasses. Euugh!! Royal? This part of Greenwich needs excluding from that title. Just as they introduce local lockdowns, they should introduce local ‘non-royal’ parts of Greenwich, to differentiate the nicer areas, and there are many of the latter too. Maybe this system, where you have to keep a locality up to scratch to earn the title Royal, might cause/force the big stores hands. Nobody would want a store in ‘Non-Royal Greenwich. Or if they did, they’d want/demand a rates reduction, which might force the councils hand to get off their bums and do something about this area. It deserves better. Maybe Mr.Aldi/Ms Lidl/Mr.Wilko/Ms Argos and Ronald McD etc might read this blog and do something???

      • While I agree with the poor unkept area, I wouldn’t put that on the store, I believe this should be the council’s responsibility.

      • you are so correct derek .this whole devopment is a disaster greenwich council are useless .16 small firms evicted with no help on re location to complete brocklebank park .the council are looking for big buissness rate returns at any cost.they not intrested in small bussiness .then when the money comes in they waste it on rubbish

    • Not my experience of Bugsby Way. I have visited most of the retail units, including the DIY ‘sheds’ and the areas immediately outside the premises are free of rubbish. I concede that the area is not pedestrian friendly and traffic can be a problem depending on the time of day, but I simply don’t recognise your characterisation.

      As for Wrens, it seems confident that now is the time to expand and good luck to them.

    • Bugsby Way needs to be made pedestrian friendly improving pavements and public realm. Pelican crossings also need to allow more time for people to cross the roads as many are carrying heavy shopping, pushing buggies or have children with them.

      There also needs to be better and safer walking links between Bugsby Way, IKEA and the new developments under construction on the Greenwich Peninsula. which do not all have a bus route to the retail parks on Bugsby Way.

      Wren Kitchens will alsohopefully provide some local jobs for Warehouse Staff Kitchen Fitters and Delivery Drivers etc.

    • I agree CDT. I think in these difficult times it is good to see a new store applying to open,

      With regard to Bugsby Way I again agree with CDT the area does need to be made more pedestrian friendly as more walking and cycling and using public tranport is to be encouraged,

      We live in a great Borough (Greenwich) I wish the Council Leadership would love and respect it as much as the majority of the residents do and take more pride in it.

      Improving it and making fit to be a Royal Borough like other Boroughs that have been granted Royal status have done, in London and around the Country. There are gioven money from developers to pay towards improving areas around new developments so funds are not always the issue.

      We have some great parks open spaces and landmarks and plenty of history around the Borough which the council should use a a focus for improving the Borough, Sadly the Borough has been allowed to go in to decline over several years. Which is a real shame.

      I wish Wren kitchens good luck and great success for the future with their new store.

    • I went to Lidl’s this morning and the queue of traffic just to get out of the carpark was bad. Direct access to Woolwich Road is badly needed, especially for drivers heading towards Blackheath and Greenwich.

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    • Don’t forget the 16 small businesses evicted from brocklebank industrial estate to make way for this crap development .greenwich council are the most incompetent in the UK .

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    • Has anyone taken into account the disabled here? Shopping by bus is a no-no and driving to the retail park on a scooter, dangerous. How can any disabled person remain independent if it’s designed just for able bodied people?


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