New Aldi in Charlton opens end of October as few pedestrian improvements seen

Charlton’s forthcoming Brocklebank retail park is running about a year behind schedule. It could finally be close to opening as a big sign strung up outside Aldi proclaims an opening date of 26th October.

I have however heard 1st December mentioned elsewhere so perhaps another delay has hit the retail park. There is no confirmed news on when Primark, Mothercare and Next open.

A visit to the site a few days ago revealed very little work has been done to improve things for pedestrians. Nothing since I wondered two months ago whether improvements were coming. Bugsby’s Way is still horrible. No two ways about it.

Below is a list of what this development has brought to Greenwich Council to be spent on public realm improvements and related issues. Where’s it gone?

One of the only visible changes is a sign put up telling people not to use direct routes from Bugsby’s Way to shops, which they clearly want to do and yet fences try to prevent. This “no pedestrian access” sign is optimistic:

Aldi is at the top. Bus stop just beside here.

How it looked weeks ago.

Same spot seen from over the road

The obvious thing to do is install steps at this point for people walking to and from the bus stop. Not force them on large detours. This kind of crap encourages people to drive.

Elsewhere there’s few access points for those on foot. It’s clear pedestrians don’t like being herded around fencing to reach their destination yet that’s the case here.

Another desire line is seen over the road.

No fencing this time (give them time) but paving doesn’t correlate to pedestrian routes.

Brocklebank is not the only development in the area. A Shurgard storage facility is underway. Any incoming cash from this has also not gone towards improving conditions for pedestrians or cyclists.

The crossing by the roundabout on Bugsby’s Way is dangerous as traffic from under the railway line travels at quite a speed and views of pedestrians are restricted:

Traffic rising from underpass to left

And if anyone believes people on foot wont use Shurgard, that’s not really the point. Even if 90% of visitors do not, 10% may well do and staff are more likely to do so.

Regardless, income from this development could still be leveraged for spending on additional crossings with wider benefits in the area such as improvements for pedestrians crossing from Greenwich Millenium Village walking to reach shops such as Asda.

So whilst Greenwich Council and councillors continue to pat themselves on the back about “greener Greenwich” and do announce some good yet limited schemes, basic improvements for the many in the area just aren’t being done.

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5 thoughts on “New Aldi in Charlton opens end of October as few pedestrian improvements seen

  • We live in GMV and I tend to drive along bugby’s way to visit Asda, Sainsbury’s etc because the cycle ride is dangerous and highly unpleasant, Once you leave the cycle lane at the roundabout on Peartree Way the route under the railway bridge is horrific for cyclists. So many speeding cars and cement lorries on that dual carriageway. Not to mention the buses! It really is dreadful access.

    • Agreed, Bugsby Way is horrific for pedestrians and I wouldn’t go there without a car. Despite having the money from the developers, Greenwich council has done nothing with it.

  • The whole south of London lacks of proper open spaces for pedestrians. Walking from Greenwich to Deptford is a royal pain. The whole Greenwich Peninsula is getting lots of developments that are 10 min walk from the jubilee station … if you could only walk there somehow without having to jump fences and empty parking lots.

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