Controversial new Greenwich school moving forward

Building work at the forthcoming St Mary Magdalene school in Greenwich has moved forward quite speedily in recent months with much of the building frame now evident.

The school will have 1,646 pupils and approximately 200 staff with a 26-place nursery, a 420 pupil primary school, 900-place secondary school and 300-place sixth form.

The plan for a large school at the site has had a difficult gestation in large part due to its location. A petition was raised against the scheme and delays have beset the scheme.

The site is surrounded by dual carriageways and access is poor from some directions. Giant roundabouts abound and pedestrians are expected to embark upon long detours to cross roads.

Pollution concerns have also been raised as the school is close to the both the Blackwall and proposed Silvertown tunnels. A nearby gasholder and exclusion zone also concerned some locals.

There is little evidence of new crossings being placed on busy roads surrounding the site.

It’s a few metres away from previously covered poor pedestrian routes and crossings by retail parks, both existing and forthcoming. Students and staff heading to McDonald’s and places like Asda, with its hot food counter, will be using this to cross Bugsby’s Way:

There was some confusion over who managed roads in the area, dating back 20 years to the Millenium Dome’s construction. It’s been clarified that TfL only manage the Blackwall tunnel and approach (A102) along with the busway lane. All other roads, including Bugsby’s Way, Peartree Way, John Harrison Way and Millenium Way are managed by Greenwich Council.

More housing is being built in the area at Greenwich Millennium Village.

Will the wider area become pedestrian friendly any time soon? The large number of developments in the area have brought much money into council coffers. Central government have also match-funded home building across the borough to the tune of £13.7 million this year, and £54 million since 2011/12 through the New Home Bonus scheme.

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    7 thoughts on “Controversial new Greenwich school moving forward

    • Pedestrian access is abismal around there. Some of the new builds don’t even have matching drop kerbs, for example Horn Link Way has an existing drop kerb on the south pavement but not on the newly made northern part, and it’s quite a rise.

    • Blimey why do people moan about these things. It’s a brand new school better than having no school at all!
      Just make sure there are massive barriers where they can’t climb over you know what kids are like!

      • Forcing pedestrians on massive detours isn’t the best solution to poor street design. A new school and good streets aren’t mutually exclusive.

    • Unless things are improved for pedestrians, there will be deaths of children going to that school. The roads are full of heavy lorries, impatient drivers who are frustrated by being stuck in traffic. Also there are areas (like around the foot bridge) which are pretty secluded and I wouldn’t fancy my child walking home near.

      I was expecting/hoping that there would be lots of money spent on the East Greenwich -> Peninsula approach due from at least the building of the school and Ikea – the latter will demand road improvements not to deadlock the roads with increased traffic. Also its not only potential school children that use this route. More and more adults walk this way on their way to the tube and its pretty dicey crossing the road for them too.

    • Not sure I get Marks comment. Big fences around the school? There will be but 16-18 year olds come and go plus kids would still leave at the end of the day and head to McDonalds or takeaway places in Greenwich crossing these streets.

      If he meant fences around roads then they would jump them unless 6 feet and not seriously saying line all roads with six foot fences?

      Just put in crossings at sensible and logical places and calm the traffic. Can’t believe that wasn’t done long ago.

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