Greenwich foot tunnel closed.

Greenwich Council have today announced the closure of Greenwich foot tunnel.

Pedestrians and cyclists are passing within two metres in the confined space. Greenwich Council leader Danny Thorpe stated some are “not doing the right thing”.

It may close again next weekend.

The foot tunnel connects Greenwich with Tower Hamlets. The alternative crossing for pedestrians is DLR from Cutty Sark station.


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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

10 thoughts on “Greenwich foot tunnel closed.

  • REALLY?! Why was it left open? Just like the Parks, ALL SHOULD BE CLOSED!
    Surely, by now, it must be common knowledge that the people of this Burrough are idiots?!
    I say this as I look out the front of my flat and see small children, with their parents, playing in groups. Druggies, drunks and the homeless having their usual, and doing what’s usual. If one saw this, they’d be sure to ask: What Lock-Down?

    • Stop the hysteric, it is ridiculous to close a tunnel that is the only crossing at the location. Passing someone quickly, no matter how close, is a very thin chance to catch anything. Much more so while waiting in a queue outside of supermarket.

    • Unfortunately this attitude is widespread. I’m in Bow on lockdown and yesterday was watching in dismay as a couple in their 20s strolled past in summer wear and flip flops (I go out in my orange hi-vis overalls) sharing a bottle of wine. Not winos just a hip happy couple. Joggers running past exhaling heavily – and sweat if they brush past you. 30 somethings queuing in their sleepwear outside Tesco at 3.50pm, oblivious to the fact it closes at 4.

      My favourite was the chap on videocall in the remaining post office telling his BFF that he’s not wearing a mask yet as he has a designer one on order in a few weeks. Meanwhile the drivers at the local bus garage were grateful that I gave them a box of dust masks I had spare. For too many people, the only thing that’s changed is that Amazon aren’t delivering their things as quickly and that ‘all the good places on UberEats are closed’.

      Stay safe wherever you are

  • Then the DLR should temporarily become free for all passengers between Cutty Sark and Island Gardens.

    • Good idea ,that way local people can still have access

  • If the tunnel is to close, at any time, surely it is the ‘duty’ of the respective Mayor’s to publish alternative routes for those who must cross the river!

  • A tunnel (to facilitate transport) and a park (for leisure) are very different!

    The tunnel during the week has been fairly empty (e.g. normally only one/two people in each lift, allowing a much safer journey than on a crowded DLR!

    Hopefully it stays open on weekdays. Perhaps on weekends they need someone checking it is only being used by people who have a reason to cross the river.

  • I didn’t have my tape measure with me but unless you want to drag your arm along the dirty walls then keeping two metres apart is not that easy in the tunnel.

  • FOGWOFT (Friends of Greenwich and Woolwich Foot Tunnels) did ask Greenwich Council to ask DLR to waive fares for would be tunnel users. It appears DLR did not agree to this. Have a look at the FOGWOFT web site
    Also – the walls are not necessarily dirty – they are regularly cleaned. the problem is that the tiles have been there for over 100 and have lost their bright white glaze – when the tunnel was refurbished a few years ago there was a plan to replace them but when a survey of users was asked most of them felt the historic original features should be kept as far as possible.


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