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Up the Creek in Greenwich awarded £165,000 funding

Up the Creek comedy club in Greenwich is to see £165,000 in funding from Arts Council England’s Culture Recovery Fund.

In total 13 organisations will see funding assistance across Greenwich borough.

Greenwich Theatre

Greenwich Theatre will see £245,000. A full list can be seen by clicking below.

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Selladoor see the highest award at £755k. They are based in Deptford. A full list of nationwide grant recipients and information on the scheme can be found here.

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  1. CDT

    Good news for a change. Pleased to see these venues receiving some funding in these very difficult times for us all.

    The Arts have been hit particularly hard by the Coronavirus pandemic which sadly will still be with us for sometime to come. Which could still result in more venues still being forced to close.

  2. Derek Small

    Hi Murky. Nice to see the funding, but how come ‘Selladoor Productions’, an outfit surely not really anywhere near as well known to the Greenwich public as our local Blackheath Conservatoire and Greenwich Theatre, managed to get three quarters of a million quid? where does this funding originate, Taxpayer? Selladoor aren’t one of the Tory elites cronies I very much hope. They have a habit of helping those who help them with donations.

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