Charlton’s Victoria pub rebuild could finally begin

Plans to substantially rebuild the shell of a former pub in Charlton could finally begin as detailed plans have been submitted to Greenwich Council.

The Victoria pub at 757 Woolwich Road has stood derelict for many years and seen a number of fires.

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After an arduous few years of plans, changes at the site could finally be progressing.

The latest planning submission includes a Construction Logistics Plan & Construction Management Plan which is often a sign works are quite well progressed.

2016 plan as seen here dropped

Various plans have been and gone including one in 2016, with another in 2019 seeking a Dominos pizza and a new extension to the rear.

2019 plan rejected

Yet another was approved in 2022 from the Zaan group, and the latest detailed submission shows how the building will appear when adorned with unsympathetic Domino’s branding on the locally listed structure.

The image shows no eagle over the door, a symbol of the Truman Brewery:

2022 application

Greenwich’s Local Heritage List states of the building:

“Late-Victorian Public House with Edwardian tiled façade by Truman’s Brewery.

Despite fire damaged interiors the fine tiled façade of 1910 survives with several splendid features including the large spread eagle which holds up the corner above the name ‘The Victoria’ and Truman’s trademark eagle on the Eastmoor Street façade.

Significant townscape value being the only remaining building marking former historic crossroads of Eastmoor Street and Woolwich Road which gives a sense of the now lost, formerly intimate streetscape of the area. Qualifies due to architectural interest as an evocative and sole-surviving example and environmental significance as a characterful, time-honoured local feature.”


The applicant states “This is an isolated building that does not relate to any existing use in the area. Therefore, new uses are required.” Since then hundreds of homes have been approved nearby on appeal.

Housing plan behind former Victoria pub

To view the Victoria pub application click here.


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2 thoughts on “Charlton’s Victoria pub rebuild could finally begin

  • I hope planning permission is granted soon so work can finally start to save this historic buildings. The Victoria pub building as been around forever.. it is such a shame to go pass this old building that has been left to full in to a further state of disrepair why various planning application decisions have been decided.

  • So glad to read this pub will finally be restored. Each time I drive by, I glance at it and feel sad at its neglect. But… the Domino’s branding, and even more the loss of the spread eagle, is terrible!!! Can we do anything about this? Please can you report if a petition or other action would have a chance?


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