Charlton news: demolition underway for new flats on Woolwich Road, 365 home development consultation and redirected rail line?

Demolition is underway of Valley House for a new block of flats on Woolwich Road by Marks and Spencer. This block was initially refused but given the green light after a couple of floors were lobbed off.

In its place will stand this block. I can’t find a bigger render right now sadly:

It’ll have 73 flats and be seven storeys in height. I covered it here. Here’s the original plan that was blocked:

Nearby at Victoria Way, Fairview homes were consulting this past week on constructing 365 homes.

Fairview’s website on the development is here.

Rail changes?

Just south of this site is a looping track which takes freight trains to Angerstein Wharf. The newest Kent Route Study (large PDF) out this week (another post coming up on this soon as masses of info within) shows a long term aspiration to remove this curve and instead have the line connected to the network further south, running adjacent to the A102 through what is now the Met Police’s car compound. This would mean trains approach the site from the west and not the east.

The document makes it clear this is not imminent.

How this works alongside passenger trains potentially no longer using the tunnel as Charlton to Blackheath trains could be axed remains to be seen. Will the tunnel even be open, or will Network Rail close it? Is keeping it open for the small number of freight trains “viable”? Lets hope it isn’t shut and this is a lifeline, even is passenger trains no longer run.

Lastly, plans for a business hub on Woolwich Road were also approved recently:


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One thought on “Charlton news: demolition underway for new flats on Woolwich Road, 365 home development consultation and redirected rail line?

  • All very welcomed projects in my eyes, However the middle project with all those blocks of flats does remind me of the old estates however it looks a lot more pleasant with trees and space between the blocks.


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