Revised plans for Charlton’s former Victoria pub

The owners of the former Victoria pub in Charlton have submitted revised plans to refurbish creating a Dominos Pizza takeaway and flats.

A previous proposal was submitted almost three years ago with no work carried out as the plan was eventually withdrawn due to concerns from planning officers.

A fire hit the building recently. It’s little more than a shell – and that before the fire, though many features remain on the exterior.

Previous plans looked like this:

Three year old plan

Planning documents note the poor state of the building. Why has the owner has left it exposed to the elements?

Signage across the front refers to the brewery Truman’s, Hanbury and Buxton, which disappeared after merging with Watney Mann in 1974.

The eagle crest above the entrance was an emblem of Truman’s brewery from its earliest days as the Black Eagle Brewery in 1666.

The old east London Truman’s brewery site is of course now an incredibly popular destination for drinking, food, markets, live music and clubs.

The Truman’s name was reborn in 2013 after being purchased by two individuals, with brewing at Hackney Wick.

The future

1,350 home plans are just one scheme coming to Charlton

One reason for turning this former pub into a Domino’s was the  changes in the area and losing many well paying industrial jobs. With at least 7,500 new homes coming to the immediate area in coming years under the Charlton Masterplan maybe one day a number of new pubs in the area will spring into life. And you never know, they may sell beers from the new Truman’s Brewery.

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    5 thoughts on “Revised plans for Charlton’s former Victoria pub

    • In my opinion the old designs for the rear extension look far more appealing, with their numerous windows, than the boring metal grille finish of the new designs.

      I would assume the interior will be totally gutted with only the facade of the old pub remaining, which does at least preserve the historic appearance of the building – if not its original function.

    • Everytime I drive passed the old Victoria Pub in Charlton I feel sad how the owners have allowed this historic building to fall in to a state of such disrepair.

      The pub as always been a part of Charlton and was well used by many employees who worked on the nearby industrial sites.

      I hope now the plans will be approvedby Greenwich Council and the redevelopment started on this site as soon as possible. Having Domino’s pizza taking over the old pub will allow the external features of the pub to remain.I think these features would have been totally lost if turned in to residential units.

      I too liked the look of the previous plans with lots of windows to the flats.But looking at the new plans again I guess the new plans will be more in keeping with the area and its industriall past.

      Looking forward to seeing this site once construction completed.

    • What an absolute disgrace that such a wonderful period building was allowed to degenerate into rack-and-ruin by its owners only to be let to an American fast food joint, and then sold to the Council as an improvement by the developers to get planning permission to convert. I hope they choke on their stuff crusts the money-hungry cretins.

      This is almost as bad as developers being allow to demolish period beauties, such as in Greenwich the Thames pub as they are “unviable” as pubs, whilst new pubs are opening up just around the corner (the Oystercatcher, Sail Loft, etc). These developers are certainly not kidding us residents in their destruction of our heritage buildings, so why are they so easily kidding the Council, guardians of our streetscape?

      • It’s not let yet to Domino’s and Greenwich Council do not own it.

    • Somebody has pulled the timber protecting the doorways of the former pub off. Reported this to the Police 2 weeks ago. Nothing has happened since. Prime candidate for an arson attack?


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