Primark in Charlton opening on 30th November

The next large out-of-town store to open in inner London Charlton is a new Primark branch on 30th November. It will be located in the same retail park at the recently opened Aldi supermarket.

Since Aldi opened some have remarked on an increase in traffic on Bugsby’s Way in Charlton. Primark will add to congestion. Both are some of the most successful brands in the UK and will attract customers from far and wide.

Car-centric development in inner London

Given getting there by train, bus, bike or on foot is not the most pleasant meaning more cars and traffic. There is still little sign of any improvements in the area earmarked in the Section 106 agreement.

Even with all the work underway and before schemes even open Greenwich planners changed their tune and have been adopting a masterplan stating this:

A bit late now. Work has also begun on the Ikea nearby. Machinery is on site as work gets underway.


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8 thoughts on “Primark in Charlton opening on 30th November

  • I know its nearly xmas but when I was there yesterday, it was funny to watch the cars queuing to get in AND out of the present retail park/Asda. There was gridlock as cars could not get out in sufficient quantities to allow cars to enter. It will be many times worse once Primark opens.

  • yes i agree two weeks ago on Saturday the place was grid locked.wait for Charlton to to play at home.where i can i will avoid this place and get on the DLR to Stratford. poor planing for local roads. Sainsbury’s bus stop for 486 and 472 is in a stupid location.
    Mother Care
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  • Yes, things will only get worse around there and they’re bad already. Of course things aren’t helped by the idea to re-route westbound traffic for the Tunnel Approach via Bugsby’s Way, but there we go….

    I reckon Ikea will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

  • Traffic is already very slow and Aldi has made it worse. Have to admire the gall of Greenwich leadership talking about green issues in their PR outlets, posing for photos with gimmicks like driverless cases whilst their actions are approving car dominated shopping parks and the cruise terminal along with Silvertown.

    Its all so transparent. Actions speak louder than words. This scheme looks like more gimmicks.

    Pretty shameless as theyve done little for pedestrians in many local places. Peartree Way is HORRIBLE.

  • I work by this new primark store, the travel links are pretty good, 2 bus routes stop outside with another a five minute walk away, Charlton train station is a 5 to 10 minute walk away.

  • There’s also a lot more rat-running through Charlton thanks to these schemes – down Charlton Church Lane, Victoria Way, Eastcombe Avenue. This needs action, but Greenwich simply don’t seem to have any understanding of how these schemes affect the area they have been plonked into.

  • It is always awful at Xmas. We need to see how things are in Jan/Feb. I’m pleased about the new shops and find it pretty easy to walk from one to another if I park at Sainsburys or similar.

  • I live in the area by the way.


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