Former Charlton pub The Victoria’s renovation almost complete

Work to convert a crumbling former Charlton pub into a takeaway have almost completed.

The forthcoming Domino’s at The Victoria pub site has seen renovation work undertaken on the exterior, an extra floor added as well as a rear extension.

In poor shape

Given it’s neglected nature it wouldn’t have been an easy job.

The rear extension is pretty reserved and less noticeable compared to previous plans.

2016 plan dropped

A former Truman’s pub as prominent signage makes very clear, it fell into disrepair some time ago while a number of plans came and went.

Chances of it ever being a pub again seemed extremely slight unless the Charlton Riverside masterplan site made a big push forward bringing up to 8,000 homes and plentiful potential custom.

Many will lament it no longer being a pub but viability is surely very low here as things stand. It could easily have been demolished in the past decade or two.

Changing area

New housing plans across Charlton have taken an age to progress, though ironically housing changes could have given The Victoria a future as a pub are only starting to rise now next door.

New homes rising beside the former pub’s rear extension

That particular housing development seen rising in the image above is relatively modest and one of the smaller plots proposed.

Others on a greater scale such as Herringham Quarter with 1,300 homes is due to make an impact in the area soon, but not yet.


One of more striking features of the pub’s renovation are radiant golden eagles.

Truman’s used to operate numerous pubs with a substantial brewery on Brick Lane, named the Black Eagle so I’m not too sure the golden eagle is entirely accurate.

Taken July 2023

Stands out though. Here’s how the building looked in July 2023. It’s a shame to lose that prominent “757” and “Ales & Stout” tiled signage.

Taken summer last year

It’s almost a shock we got here after years of it being empty, various plans and yet now it’s almost finished.

Site currently somewhat marooned

Thankfully this little treasure will be around as thousands of new homes rise in the near vicinity, and who knows, maybe it’ll become a pub again one day.



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    2 thoughts on “Former Charlton pub The Victoria’s renovation almost complete

    • The extension couldn’t be less ‘in keeping with’, but at least the pub building has been restored and brought back to life.


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