Woolwich street preachers fined for covid breaches

Street preachers in Woolwich have been fined for breaching covid rules Greenwich Council revealed this afternoon.

There has been concern about street preachers for some time. Not only for covid breaches but aggressive and offensive comments and behaviour around the town centre.

Other covid concerns in the town centre include business ignoring restrictions. One centre near Woolwich Arsenal station was recently fined after a mass gathering.


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21 thoughts on “Woolwich street preachers fined for covid breaches

  • Good, ban the lot of em permanently!

    • Why they’re doing God’s work? They’re not required to touch anybody

      • Shouting or singing without a mask is more dangerous than touching anybody. Their saliva going in all directions.

      • Doing God’s work? What is God up to then?

        • Mass murder apparently: it’s one of his favourite pastimes.

      • Doing ‘gods’ work ? Don’t be so ridiculous … where is this god creature ? If there is such a thing as a god creature, surely it should be destroying this covid virus, rather than send mentally unstable street preachers to dictate to us.

  • ABOUT TIME I stopped a PCO (as the preachers were shouting & I very politely asked if they could lower the voices as due to Covid shouting is not encouraged took no notice ) but PCO said they couldn’t do anything & to contact police instead !!

  • Excellent news, but unfortunately there’s a knock-on effect to this: they’re now touring local estates and apartment blocks engaged in aggressive door-knocking and harassment.

    We had this on Sunday: a group of three men with young children in tow; none of whom were wearing masks or social-distancing. Incredible lack of consideration to others, the current situation, and their own families.

    The group that visited us were from ’The Faithful Word Baptist Church,’ a Far-Right Christian Evangelical ‘Hate Church’ in the mould of the Westboro Baptist Church.

    They’re actively categorised as a ‘Hate Group’ by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    Seems it’s some narcissistic evangelical ‘pastor’ who’s making a business on manipulating vulnerable religious people by appealing to their worst instincts.

    • Ballard, that is horrifying. I didn’t realise this church had followers outside the US. Did they leave any literature or anything?

      General FYI to others – going door to door during a pandemic to spread the Word isn’t a smart or Godly idea but even worse, it can be a front to work out whose house would be easy to break into. A few years ago I had a visit from two people who called themselves Jehovah’s Witnesses but obviously weren’t. They had no literature either and when I called the local Kingdom Hall they confirmed the visitors couldn’t have been Witnesses. Next day there was an attempted break-in at my home and others on my street. The police said it was a well known method of scoping out houses in full daylight.

      • “Ballard, that is horrifying.”

        Indeed, that was my reaction.

        They promote the hatred of a wide-range of other religions and minorities also, including vehement Anti-Semitism: there’s a whole series of videos on YouTube by ‘Pastor Anderson’ pushing racialist theories indistinguishable from those of the Nazis.

        Typical approach of manipulating and exploiting people who feel left behind and have resentment to the world.

      • “Did they leave any literature or anything?”

        Yes, leaflets; hence how I knew who they were. The text of the leaflet only made coded references to their views: likely to avoid legal issues; otherwise they would be open to prosecution for disseminating hate material as with Neo-Nazis, the BNP etc.

  • Thanks for the updates Ballard. Preachers are no different to anyone else so fines for breaching Covid rules are justified.

    Is it doing the God;s work to sell fake Covid cures like the Preacher did at a Church in Camberwell as reported recently ?

    I believe if a person wants reglion they will pray in private or go to their place of worship for their faith, .

    I do not think this is needed on the streets or aggressively knocking on peoples doors. Especially why we are in the midst of a pandemic when social distancing and mask wearing needs to be adhered too by everyone.

    • The best option is to not answer door to them: ie. not answer even by voice: otherwise they will get belligerent insisting you open up. Severely unpleasant people. They tend to go round on Saturday/ Sunday.

      Unfortunately, many people I saw were too polite to ‘blank them’; thus leaving themselves open to a high-probability of infection/ loss of life, or at best bigoted sermonising and hate speech.

  • Dotun Adebayo did a feature on BBC Radio 5Live a few years ago suggesting that some of the churches were fronts for money laundering.

    I’m not sure how you can declare yourself as an apostle and run the CFT Cathedral (at the ferry roundabout) with your wife.

  • I agree Chris L and Ballard. .I also thought churches had to be built on consecrated ground..

    • “Consecrated ground” ? What the hell is that meant to be ? (Visions of ‘god’ turning up with a metal detector to sweep the area of unexploded mines !)


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