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Developers again try for block beside Greenwich Ecological Park

Rejected in 2018

Developers behind Greenwich Millennium Village are again aiming for a block beside the ecology park.

Previous plans were blocked in 2018, though a new Environmental Impact Assessment has just been submitted to Greenwich Council looking into a 13-floor block.

Developers had originally planned a 20-storey tower on site before revising down.

Original 2017 plan for 20 floors

Click here to view the new EIA submission.



  1. CDT

    I think the 13 storey block is much better than the original 20 storey block which developers wanted to build on this over looking Greenwich Ecological Park.

    I did wonder why the developers could not build a smaller block of retirement style apartments to possibly house older residents moving to the area. As this would be a nice relaxing setting for them to enjoy.

    Just a thought !!.

    • sal

      For one, the flats are rather expensive, not really affordable for the average retiree. And then there are the 2-3 weeks wait for GP appointment at the Peninsular practice.

  2. sal

    I suspect it will go through this time. They bribed the Ecology park with a new building to relocate to and my impression from the latest presentation on the matter is that they are on board now.

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