Greenwich Millennium Village developers propose 20-storey tower by ecological park

A heads up after being sent this on Twitter. There’s a consultation tomorrow and Thursday about a 20-storey tower planned in the Greenwich Millenium “Village”. It’s a bit of a deviation from what was originally envisaged though I havn’t looked at plans in a while. I thought it was to remain solely mid-rise.

Here’s the details from the Greenwich Ecology Park group:

3PM – 8PM

Greenwich Millennium Village Ltd (GMVL) and The Friends of Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park are BOTH holding public exhibitions of GMVL’s plans for a 20 storey apartment building (plot 201) and an energy centre (plot 504).

Please attend BOTH exhibitions to learn about these proposals and have your say. Both exhibitions are happening on the same dates at the same times.

The GMVL Exhibition is at:
GMV Marketing Suite
The Village Square
West Parkside
Greenwich (Peninsula)
London SE10 0BD

The Friends of Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park is at:
Ecology Park Gatehouse
Thames Path
John Harrison Way
London SE10 0QZ”

So pop along and see how it looks and impacts upon what’s already there.


More towers were approved nearby just last week. The lack of any concrete transport plan in the area is looking more and more bizarre. Over at Nine Elms and Battersea planners have leveraged £1 billion out of developers to fund a Northern Line extension due to 20,000 homes being built –

“The full cost of the Northern line extension is expected to be up to £1bn, which is being funded entirely through contributions from the developments in the area that will benefit from the extension.  An innovative funding package has been agreed between the Mayor of London and Government, which includes the creation of an Enterprise Zone from 2016 for a period of 25 years.  The Greater London Authority will be putting forward a funding package shortly for the £1bn needed to deliver the extension.”

At Barking Riverside it’s a similar story with a rail extension for a large housing increase. It doesn’t cross the Thames to Thamesmead and Abbey Wood despite mass housing plans for Thamesmead.

Greenwich Peninsula and Charlton Riverside masterplans, plus other developments in the vicinity total at least 27,000 homes and realistically at least 30,000 will be built. That’s surely enough to bring sufficient income from developers for a bridge over the Thames and a dedicated transport route along the lines of the Greenwich Waterfront Transit. That wouldn’t come close to £1 billion. But the structure to do so isn’t there so money isn’t coming in for that purpose.

Walking/cycling (again)


And once again the really easy and simple stuff still isn’t done such as better road crossings at the roundabouts and decent paths heading south. If residents want to take a train from nearby Westcombe Park station to say, Deptford to visit the new Market Yard shops and bars, or Kent in the other direction for a day out then it means walking over dual carriageways without crossings or taking indirect routes.

GMV is directly behind. Future Ikea, Westcombe Park station, micro pub, shops 5 mins in front.

Last week a micro pub was approved in east Greenwich just a five to ten minute walk from Greenwich Millenium Village. I’m sure some residents would love to visit and have an easy and pleasant walk (stagger) home after a couple of drinks given there’s little in GMV itself. The poor street layout does its best to dissuade that or puts people in danger.


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9 thoughts on “Greenwich Millennium Village developers propose 20-storey tower by ecological park

  • Have you only just discovered all this?? The Ecology Centre could have done with some support 3-4 years ago about the tower (any tower) and when the developers were insisting that they had a design which wouldn’t shadow. it would also have been good to have someone apart from e asking questions when the aggregate firms took the Council to court and got the planning consent for Peartree Way quashed – and let the Johnson administration at the GLA decide what happened next. I could go on about it for hours and hours. … cancellation of the waterfront transit, lack of any public transport plans to the riverside… the original plans has sports facilities, a community centre, and a children’s centre in that area … and where are they now?? All ignored until it really is too late.

  • How about they get rid of the bus stop at millennium village and ale the lazy sods walk 10 minutes to North Greenwich rather than clog up limited space on the buses!

  • The planned Micro Pub is on the Woolwich Road j/w Marlton Street. It’s currently the Lingerie mail order shop called the Undercover Experience. 16/2029/F. I reckon this could be a really good addition to this part of the world.

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