Not enough parking on Greenwich Peninsula? Plans in for more

Ever looked out across Greenwich Peninsula and thought there’s not enough tarmac and parking?

No, me neither, but another is planned with a coach park submitted for planning. The site is just south of the cable car.

Looking towards planned coach park site (behind cars up to the river)

Plans also appear to show an extensive new car park alongside which is presumably a separate application. I’ll look into that.

Developers claim it is needed as Silvertown Tunnel work will take over some other spaces, yet from plans I’ve seen should still allow much space for vehicles. Car parks are vast in this area.

Acres of land on the Peninsula are still used for parking 20 years after provision for the Millennium Dome.

Courtesy Google

Since 1999 London’s population has risen by more than two million people and house building has lagged far behind need.

Developer Knight Dragon bought land covering much of the Peninsula earlier this decade after little action for years under previous owners, and after some plots were built action has now seemingly been placed on hold. There’s little sign of action on sites that were due to start after approval four years ago – and will much happen after Upper Riverside completes?

Only two of these towers have been built. Work stopped.

It shows the danger of leaving huge sites in the hands of just one developer instead of breaking up plots and becoming reliant on the private sector to build needed homes. Any sniff of an economic downturn and building often stops.

Plots in yellow havn’t progressed

Not that the private sector builds what’s needed anyway in the good times, and often at prices far beyond the reach of many. The public sector is prevented from stepping in in many instances by central government policies.

Plot 19:04 approved in 2015. Nothing since

Don’t expect the car parks and tarmac to go anytime soon.

Click here to see plans.



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4 thoughts on “Not enough parking on Greenwich Peninsula? Plans in for more

  • I’ve been thinking about the extra traffic the Silvertown Tunnel will produce. Do you have any idea if the authorities have? I assume the blasted thing will require horrendous amounts of heavy plant, lorries, concrete transporters etc etc. I wonder if they will make use the aggregate facility on the doorstep?

  • Sorry, meant to say ‘the construction’ of the tunnel.

  • …and while there are still acres of car parking, a large green space and some quite mature trees next to the main plaza have been bulldozed for the Design District.

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