HMS Albion arrives in Greenwich for a week-long stay

HMS Albion arrived in London yesterday where it’s set to be moored off Greenwich for a week for International Shipping Week 2021.

The full title of the ship is “High Readiness Amphibious Assault Ship”, or a handy big boat to you and I.

All photos courtesy of Charles Pickup. Isle of Dogs to rear of HMS Albion

Duties include ceremonial duties at the Tower of London over the coming week including Ceremony of the Constable of the Dues tomorrow on Monday 13th September.

River Gardens to right of ship

The photograph above shows the ship with the final block of River Gardens just about complete with scaffolding at ground and first floor.

It’s the final block of the development to complete after a very slow build-out rate over 10+ years.

The recently approved Morden Wharf development of 1,500 homes will be located behind.

That’s been empty for nearly 10 years too.




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