Morden Wharf developer release new images of Greenwich project

Developer U&I have released new images showing what a major project on Greenwich Peninsula could look like if approved.

As ever, they paint a somewhat idyllic view of development. People canoeing, playing in parks and extensive greenery cascading down from balconies.

Greenery on block

Promotional images are a bit different to images within hundreds of planning documents I read through earlier this year. Here’s another view from planning documents of the tower:

As seen in planning submission earlier this summer

Plans for 1,500 homes were submitted and I took a look here. Since then helicopter visits to the site have irritated some residents.

Morden Wharf site

Around 1,500 homes are planned on the site to the west of Greenwich Peninsula. One contentious issue is “affordable” housing located closer to the Blackwall Tunnel – and future Silvertown Tunnel – approach.

A large factory is also located on that side – though occupants Spicer went bust this summer.

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4 thoughts on “Morden Wharf developer release new images of Greenwich project

  • Ha Ha quite a difference! Any guesses what it will actually look like?
    Both the promo and the planning docs images show a more restricted width for walking/cycling, with the promo shot appearing to show block paving throughout and no segregated/marked out surfaces between walkers and cyclists? Not a good surface for bikes if so.
    The increased usage of the riverside along here especially during warmer months and during Covid19 increases in homeworking, meant the current larger width along the already developed Riverside frontage adjacent was fully utilised by walkers, dog walkers, cyclists/scooters and general groups drinking/socialising which was great to see! The width in both these pics for all that is smaller, with the cyclists even seen walking their bikes! So that def needs addressing.
    I would suggest since activity is increasingly along the rivers edges, that the block is placed further back to allow wider spaces for social activities, and perhaps with the building on ‘legs’ to allow even more space, maybe for eateries/coffee bars out of the more inclement weather along riverside in bleaker months, and shade in mid summer.
    Also the flood prevention here (very important with a likely 3 degrees climate change) seems minimal in comparison to further along both directions? Maybe the river carries less water in this stretch haha!
    With seemingly a nice grassy slope going down to a beach! Is this Greenwich? And I take it the plans still involve the loss of the little white sandy beach area overhung by pretty decent willows?? That is sad, if so. Go and check it out before it goes or is blocked off. I took a pic there one summer and genuinely looked like the Caribbean!
    And is there hope for the developer keeping the riverside route open whilst developing? From prev experience it can be years without unrestricted access along the rivers edge, which we now have at last and don’t wish to lose again!!

  • I haven’t ever seen one development in Greenwich with what I would call amenities…skateboarding…sailing…Fishing…… space….climbing wall…..etc……so the idyllic scene is just candy floss…..

  • Yes Derek, we really need to insist they keep the riverside walk open for most of the development stage, it was closed for far too long the last time. Agree also about the pavement surface, it needs to be smooth for anyone on wheels.


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