Greenwich sees arrival of Dutch warship currently moored near Cutty Sark

Dutch warship Johan De Witt arrived in London today having heading up the Thames this morning.

She’s currently moored at Greenwich close to the Cutty Sark.

Named after a 17th century Dutch politician and republican blamed for ignoring the army in favour of the navy after battles losses, the ship is a landing dock with the ability to carry up to six helicopters.

Greenwich connection

In rather less peaceful times, Johan De Witt led an attempted invasion almost reaching Chatham in 1667.

The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich holds a painting marking the battle alongside a coin commemorating the assassination of Johan De Witt in its collection.

Modern warship currently located close to a rather more old fashioned vessel

The ship has previously patrolled waters off Somalia protecting shipping against pirates as well as humanitarian work in 2019 after a hurricane hit the Bahamas.

The ship went through substantial upgrade and maintenance up to April 2023.

The Dutch seem fond of trips to Greenwich. In February this year another vessel visited.

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2 thoughts on “Greenwich sees arrival of Dutch warship currently moored near Cutty Sark

  • Well great.
    How about the Council tidying and cleaning up the town centre in anticipation of people who might want to come to Greenwich town to take a look ?
    It is a World Heritage Site after all .

  • That would be nice Kathy, You are right it is a World Heritage Site. But sadly it is Greenwich Council we are talking about. They do not care about things like cleaning and improving public realm. They do not care about the Botoughs heritage sites either. Which is a real shame.


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