Greenwich street changes take shape as daytime work begins

Staff are now on site for major work on altering streets in east Greenwich for new cycle lanes.

Over recent days evening work has been undertaken altering road markings though daytime working only begins today until October.

Underneath the flyover

Staff are on site this morning beneath the Blackwall flyover as a new cycle lane will shortly begin to take shape.

Controversially a bus stop will be removed in east Greenwich alongside pedestrian refuges in places – though the new measures will make cycling far more appealing.

However it will only do so for a short stretch, as to the west it meets barriers in Greenwich town centre putting cyclists at risk and to the east putting cyclists on bus lanes in Woolwich. There is also no mention of segregation along existing cycle lanes in Charlton which see cars parked daily.




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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

9 thoughts on “Greenwich street changes take shape as daytime work begins

  • Common sense…intelligence…never come into play whenever Greenwich Council are involved…Everything is PC or Govt Directives. Lots more cyclists around but where are the secure Cycle Lockups…near Tesco..Library…shopping areas…Railway Stations…O2….Parks…non existent

    • Very true if they want more people to cycle than they need to provide secure parking for cycles.

      Also if they want more people of of their cars and on to public transport they need to make major improvements to the public transport network.

      However,as we are still in the middle of the coronavirus panedemic and passsenger numbers on buses tubes and trains are restricted car usage is set to to increase well above pre coronavirus levels for some time to come as people return to work.

  • Totally with you on that Roy. These works are largely good…not sure if I agree with all of what they’re doing but it’s a big step forward. But like roy said, there is simply not enough places to lock up bikes in the Borough. We have secure storage for 6 bikes out of 2 blocks of flats where I am. I’ve been in touch with the council who say they have no intention of increasing it. It all costs I know, but not sure you can have one without the other?

    • Maybe if cyclists paid for the lanes , bike lock ups, like motorist there might be enough money the coffers. By the time they put cycle, bus lanes an wider paths there wont be room for anything else

      • Sorry you feel that way Steven. I’m not going to go do the normal shpeil about cars paying tax because they pollute and bikes don’t ect ect. But times are changing and the pandemic has pushed us to move to different modes of travel.

      • Steven, it’s a common misconception that vehicle tax funds roads. We all pay tax and we should expect cycling infrastructure that is safe, convenient and encourages use.

        “What does vehicle tax pay for?
        Contrary to popular belief, road tax doesn’t actually pay for our roads. Our local and general tax pays for our roads, and the money we pay in road tax goes into the consolidation fund we mentioned above.

        Once upon a time, road tax did pay for our roads. But, the motorcar boom of 1896-1936 happened and the money the government received in vehicle tax simply wasn’t enough to cover our sudden need for more roads and roads of better quality. So the authorities, both local and general, stepped in and started paying for it. And since then, our roads are funded by the government and not directly by what we pay in road tax.

        You could point out that it all comes from the same consolidated fund, and you would be right. So technically some of our road tax money does pay for our roads, but it doesn’t directly pay for them.

        So, what does vehicle tax actually pay for?

        Due to the way that the tax is divided up once it’s paid into the central government fund (where your Income Tax is also managed) it’s hard to say, exactly what your VED goes towards. However, we know that it is used to fund multiple ventures that everyone benefits from.”

  • And now they’ve taken away half the yellow box at Vanbrugh hill/Woolwich road, so now to avoid a fine everyone sits in the box to turn right blocking people actually wanting to go right or straight across to blacwall lane. One step forward two steps back with this council.

  • The traffic into Greenwich was horrendous at 8 o’clock this morning and the same at 6.30 this evening.
    Is this what we have to look forward to?
    These roads are too narrow to facilitate cars, buses and bikes.
    I do not see a solution………………

    • Reducing dependence on private car journeys is part of the solution – reduce congestion and pollution at the same time.


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