Detailed plans in for flats behind east Greenwich library

Developers behind a plan for flats behind east Greenwich library have recently submitted a number of detailed applications relating to the site.

I first covered plans way back in March 2017, though what I’ve only just realised is that developers gained permission in June 2017 as Greenwich Council failed to make a decision on time.

Future flats

The plan includes: “demolition of the existing building and construction of a 4-storey block comprising 23 self-contained flats” at 3-5 Tunnel Avenue near Angerstein roundabout.

Planning documents from 2017 state:

“The appeal is made under section 78 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990
against a failure to give notice within the prescribed period of a decision on an
application for planning permission.

Looking down Tunnel Avenue

The appeal is made by Linea SE10 Ltd against the Royal Borough of Greenwich Council.”

The planning inspector stated:

“Both appeals are made against the failure of the Council to determine the
applications within the prescribed period. The applications were accompanied
by a Design and Access Statement (D&AS) setting out how the appeal schemes
would comply with the relevant development plan policies. Despite indicating
in both Questionnaires that it intended to submit a Statement of Case, the
Council has failed to do so. Moreover, there are no Officer reports or
objections from local residents before me. As a result, I have identified the
main issues from my site visit and the appellant’s submissions.”

One condition of the approval was that the developer must start within three years which takes us to June 2020 hence a flurry of submissions now being made.

east Greenwich library

The building lies to the rear of east Greenwich library which was recently sold by Greenwich Council. The Grade II listed building is in very poor condition.



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9 thoughts on “Detailed plans in for flats behind east Greenwich library

  • Work is well under way and Tunnel Avenue is constrained by construction vehicles. At one time where was a man operating stop/go lights, but it seems there is not enough traffic to justify this.

    • It’s actually a one way road where the lights and man were!!!

  • I remember taking an ACL Course in the evening in the Library…any neglect is at the door of Greenwich Council…..shame the building couldn’t be repurposed for the Community as all I see are the old buildings being demolished…the Council build some structure which within 60 years its being demolished as abysmal workmanship…we see it all over Greenwich…

  • I wouldn’t want to buy a property in a high pollution area

  • Your image showing the render of the proposed site relates to an earlier application for private flats. The new application relates to student accommodation. The building is to be called Westcombe House. The building is well under way and it appears the rooms were built off site and were craned in. The developers are currently cladding the building with brick like tiles. For the life of me I can’t now find the rendering of the new building. Some more info can be found here – Student accommodation was recently built in Denham Street and I suspect that we’ll soon see an application on the former Lewis Coach site for a similar development now that we have two such developments already approved. Just to clarify Tunnel Avenue is in fact two way; you just can’t access it from Woolwich Road next to the Library.

  • It is a real shame to see another building fall in to a state of neglect and disrepair. I too would love to see the old Greenwich Library building brought back in to use in some way.


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