Ikea increase home delivery charges – more people heading to Greenwich store?

Apologies in advance if this site has been a bit Ikea-centric recently but many are interested if page views are anything to go by and it will have a huge impact on much of SE London.

Anyway, Ikea have today increased home delivery charges for large items if ordering online – which promises to increase the numbers visiting stores such as Greenwich.

Home delivery for large items online has increased to £39 today – the same day previews of the Ikea Greenwich store get underway (I hope to be attending one event and will be reporting on the store and local streets upgrades).

The Greenwich store has an introductory offer of £15 delivery when items are purchased in store – though that will increase in time but to a level below £39 online which offers an incentive to head to the store in person.

Over the past weekend I’ve covered how another bus route serving the store will see cuts next month. The 486 will reduce from 8 to 6 buses an hour in late February. It follows news that the 472 will see a reduction of around two an hour (and peak time extras scrapped) and the 161 saw a reduction of 1 an hour last year.

Ikea have also sought to increase earlier in the morning which looks likely to bring more traffic into congested morning peak time roads in the area.

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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    6 thoughts on “Ikea increase home delivery charges – more people heading to Greenwich store?

    • “Ikea have also sought to increase earlier in the morning which looks likely to bring more traffic into congested morning peak time roads in the area.”

      I got a letter last week from the council saying this has been withdrawn (for now, presumably).

      • Presumably, IKEA was concerned to get the workers in store on time.

      • Would it not make more sense to open later rather than earlier,as would get more footfall ,as customers could cost after they got home from work, as the traffic that time of the morning would put customers off due to traffic , I know as work opposite and not good from 630 am

    • I was out at IKEA last weekend and there is a big push to meet the opening date as the site was crawling with workmen and the display spaces were already being dressed.

      This IKEA will undoubtedly draw a lot of people since they will no longer have to go to Croydon or Lakeside. I am looking forward to the opening and could have walked there had I still been living in Westcombe Park.

    • So much better and easier to go to the store to have a proper look at the furniture you wish to purchase to check it is exactly what you want and fits your requirements.Getting large items your purchased on line collected and returned to the store/warehouse can be a nightmare at times

      Greenwich Council need to release some of the money set a side for transport improvements in the Borough so that they can look in to introducing some new bus routes in the area.

      Has mentioned in a previous post. When Sainsburys moved from the their old site (Now IKEA) to their new site around the corner. It did mention in several documents at the time that the Developer did offer to pay for route 202 to be extended to serve the area. But this offer was not taken up at the time for whatever reason.

    • So, picking an average item – say the Malm chest of draws, weighs 44kg – so the bus is out. So you drive or get it delivered. If you pick it and get it delivered, it will cost you £25 ‘within store area’. Given it costs £45, delivery of £25, delivery will cost you 55% of the price, which is crazy so you drive.

      Given the queues you see at other Ikeas, queues are likely to tail back to the A102. Which then will tail back to the Blackwall Tunnel and then paralyse one of the few river crossings.

      I see the council gets allocated money by developers to mitigate the impact of developments, does it spend it or is it accumulating in some massive pot?

      I was expecting a radical rethink to the surrounding roads to compensate for Ikea, but alas no. Not even the deadly Woolwich road/A102 round-about, which sometimes has queues coming up to the roundabout and exit roads empty(!)


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