Consultation on housing plans for ex-Greenwich Police Station coming soon

Developer London Square will next week reveal plans for the former Greenwich Police Station on Burnley Street off Royal Hill.

Consultation will be held on 21st June from 3-7pm & 23rd June from 10am-2pm at the Novotel hotel beside Greenwich station, which is itself to have a revamp soon with exterior cladding replaced.

The existing building is mid-rise so I’d expect something at least of similar height. Possibly even taller given the proximity of Greenwich Town Hall clock tower which may be used as a reason to go taller.

The former Town Hall and Borough Halls were recently covered by ex-councillor Mary Mills on 853.

Perhaps Community Infrastructure Levy income from this development could partly be used to renovate the building.

Former police station

Greenwich Police station was “disposed” of, a.k.a flogged off, in 2015. Just in time for a sharp spike in violent crime across the borough.

You may note that date is before Mayor Sadiq Khan was elected and under Boris’ Mayoralty.

Not that Khan is even a very good Mayor, but London Tories’ current strategy against him is pretty hypocritical and conveniently forgets that most funding on policing, amongst most issues, comes from central Government.

A weak Mayor and a Government cutting funds in various areas whilst passing the buck. Wonderful.

Featured image courtesy of Ken via Creative Commons CC BY-NC2.0





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4 thoughts on “Consultation on housing plans for ex-Greenwich Police Station coming soon

  • Generic block incoming? I’d love to see a stylish block inspired by modernist Town Hall.

  • good news is LS not your average run of the mill developer check out some of their latest on their web page

  • Will be interesting to see what is planned for this site. Did not realise it is already three years since Greenwich Police Station closed and left to stand empty.

  • I attended the consultation today. Really poor design proposed. Plan is to fill the site with the biggest floor area possible with the first floor facing Royal Hill stepped out and overflying the pavement in effect narrowing the air space between the buildings and discouraging onward passage up Royal Hill. The view up Royal Hill to the Point will also be lost. The buildings lines in no way complement the Borough Hall either. A real shame…


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