Mayor awards Greenwich town centre £166,000

Greenwich town centre is to see £166,000 of funds from the Mayor via the High Streets for All fund.

The projects webpage states:

“‘Light-time Greenwich’ will create a new culture-led high street experience that responds to local needs and tells local peoples’ stories.

The project focuses on attracting new local audiences to the town centre including young people, exploring the role of markets as a setting for cultural activity, and expanding the evening offer.”

The evening offer will be welcome to many, though perhaps not local councillors who have regularly argued against a night time economy.

Greenwich market pre-lockdown

One such example was opposing alcohol being served in a new Japanese restaurant named Nanban which was the brainchild of a Masterchef winner. Spoons it ain’t.

Recently councillors opposed Artfix gallery being able to serve alcohol alongside events. They did win their case.

The project aims to encourage “local partnerships to bring forward and co-design innovative high street recovery strategies and proposals.

Each strategy can address common and local challenges and underpin the public re-imagining of high streets and town centres across London.

Strategies can support actions across an entire high street or focus on an innovative exemplar high street recovery project.”

Drawn up in 2017

Another major Greenwich town centre project was a £5.4 million pedestrianisation plan revealed in 2017.

That’s all gone quiet, and TfL’s funding issues mean it’s unlikely soon unless Greenwich take the lead.

However Greenwich Council were using renders drawn up for that £5.4 million project when highlighting this £166,000 spend (down from an original £200,000) which seemed to excite some.

Don’t be, it’s not funding pedestrianisation and is miles below what would be needed.

What we can hope for is some night time events to draw in people and help local business.





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3 thoughts on “Mayor awards Greenwich town centre £166,000

  • This is good news for Greenwich. If we want to improve the night time economy in our Town Centres. This will centre mainly around pubs and restaurants which people will go to after attending events held in Greenwich.

    You hard pushed to find a cafe open in our town centres in the evenings where you can get a cup of tea coffee or hot chocolate if you do not want to drink alcohol or go in a pub for your beverage.

    However, it will be nice to see more events held in Greenwich and bring more people to Greenwich and our great Borough.

    I do share the Councils concerns about anti social behaviour has pubs etc close at night. Sadly there is always someone out there that wants to cause trouble and spoil it for others.

  • Excellent news for Greenwich.

    @ CDT I like the idea of a cafe open in the evenings as a more affordable option to pubs and restaurants for people on tighter budgets or do not drink alcohol.As part of improving the night time economy in Greenwich. However, you are right the night time economy does centre mainly around pubs and restaurants.

    I am looking forward to more events being held in Greenwich to showcase our great Borough .

  • Given the pedestrian barriers a few months back somehow cost the inexplicable sum of £120k, I’m not sure what this will cover!


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