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Condemned Greenwich pub up for sale shortly after demolition approved

Thames Inn now gone

Former Greenwich pub The Thames is on the market just weeks after developers gained approval to demolish the building – which is one of the last remaining Victorian buildings in this area of Greenwich.

Greenwich Council’s planning committee approved demolition in November 2018 without even discussing the issue.

Approved November 2018

The pub is located near New Capital Quay which comprises nearly a thousands homes and a Waitrose supermarket.

The Thames pub

Now the owners have gained permission they appear to have no interest in developing but are asking for £1.7 million.

The site is described as having permission for a ground floor commercial unit and “six luxury 2 bedroom apartments”.


  1. Guust de Wilde

    Why not keep the ground floor as a pub/restaurant, and add some luxury flats on top?

  2. mvb

    I completely disagree with losing this building it forms a welcomed juxtaposition against the surrounding new architecture, it certainly needs work though. Another piece of history destined for the skip.

  3. anonymous201486

    When I win the lottery, I’ll turn it into my extensive home. Serioulsy there is a lack of imagination where historic property is concerned. The facade could be restored and the interior converted to nicely appointed flats. However, it all about squeezing as many units into a small space as possible and then selling at a huge mark-up.

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