Burglaries up across Greenwich borough

Burglaries up across Greenwich borough

After some good news regarding a drop in weapon-related crime yesterday comes news that burglaries across Greenwich borough saw a sharp rise in latest available figures.

In Quarter 2 of 2018/19 burglaries jumped to 427 from 329 in Quarter 1.

There does appear to have been a spike in recent weeks too with the Met advising residents to be on the lookout in areas such as Eltham.

It’s important to realise that figures can be volatile and some prolific offenders can cause spikes at certain times – yet budget cuts to the police from the Home Office do appear to have an impact. Numbers of officers have dropped nationwide including London, and selling off assets and closing stations could only keep the tide at bay for so long.

What’s concerning about some recent burglaries is victim reports that offenders were not put off by being alerted to their presence.

The Governments response has been to tell countys and London’s Mayor to increase council tax precepts to part-make up the difference in cuts from central Government.

Eltham MP Clive Efford recently warned of vigilante groups becoming established.


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